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Dressing professionally at work can be challenging but is definitely doable when you focus on being both stylish but also classy. Here are a few style secrets every working professional should keep in their back pocket:

Four Style Secrets You Should Know

It’s not all about dresses and heels

For so long, there has been an unwritten ‘rule’ in the world of women’s fashion that a dress and heels are required to be polished, professional, and stylish. This has changed as time has passed, and styles have evened. Today, the stereotypical female dress and heels fashion has been challenged. For many working professionals, nice sneakers are work appropriate and for some, can make just as much of an impact as heels do.

Treat the latest trends as suggestions and not rules

The biggest style secret that the fashion professionals don’t want you to know is that it is more important to be you than it is to adhere to the latest trends. So, treat the trends as more of a suggestion of what could work for you, rather than as a rule that you have to stick to at all costs. Doing so will help you to find your own unique brand of style, and having that is the only way you’re ever going to stand out from a crowd.

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Look & Feel Your Best – It starts with you

Many people think that being stylish is all about looking good in the eyes of others. However this starts with how you feel. Modern style icons have a few “secret” weapons in their arsenals to help them look and feel their best. Shapewear is a one of these secret weapons and must have for every woman and body type. If you’re heading out for an awards event or gala, use shapewear to help you create a flawless look. A must have for holiday parties and events is a low back body shaper.

Most importantly… stop trying so hard

The professional stylists may tell you this, but the simple look is very much a winner! When you stop spending hours sorting out your outfits and worrying about how they will be perceived, you’ll naturally find yourself sourcing styles that just work. You’ll always ensure that you stay true to your own individuality, too, and, as mentioned, doing that is always going to benefit you in your attempt to take the world of fashion by storm. So, stop trying so hard!

If you want to unlock your own style, then you need to be willing to take a risk with the fashion that you embrace. To the point, you have to delve deeper than what the professionals say are ‘in’ or what fashions they think you should wear, and you have to unmask some style secrets for yourself.


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