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Out of all the rooms in your house, your bedroom is where comfort comes first. In the other rooms, the decor must be perfect even if it’s not comfortable but that is never the case in a bedroom. It is the only room in your whole house where you spend with zero light, with bright lights, and with medium lights. On the other hand, lights are very important in our lives, as they have the power to make us see, change our mood and so on. So to get the lighting absolutely right in your bedroom wall is paramount so that you can sleep peacefully and wake up happy every morning and go about your day.

Urban ladder has been coming up in recent years in the bedroom wall light decoration area. Also, Urban Ladder has furniture stores nearby every metropolitan city so that even if you do not have a proper internet connection, you won’t miss out on the good things.

A few things to keep in mind while lighting a modern bedroom wall

There are two major things you should know before you start thinking about lights in your bedroom.

  • Layering your lights
  • Choosing the right bulb

Layering your Lights!

Layering your lights in the bedroom is the key to having the best lighting conditions in your bedroom. The layering of lights means to find the right balance of lights between ambient, accent and task lighting. If you can achieve this balance, you can create the lighting for any activity or mood with just a flick of a switch. There is a certain structure that needs to be followed with ambient lighting being on the base of it.

  • Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting refers to lights that are not too bright but just enough for you to do your general work like cleaning or folding. The best example of ambient light is natural lighting that comes from the Sun. You can have a huge window or a skylight for that purpose. You can also have artificial lights like ceiling lights to provide ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting: Task lighting is required for activities like reading which require a bit more confined light than ambient lighting. Hence it is essential to layer the ambient lighting in your house with a layer of task lighting. Task lighting does not necessarily mean the usual desk lights, it can be lights like scones hanging from the top of your bed or basically any directional lighting.
  • Accent lighting: Accent lighting is used for highlighting certain aspects of your room, like a painting for example. They are meant to draw attention. In a bedroom room, even a subdued version of ambient light can act as an accent lighting. It creates a very cozy and warm atmosphere around it, making people go near it and appreciate the thing it’s highlighting on.
  • Dimmers: These are very important because of their ability to transition from bright lights to softer sleep mode lights. If you just have one type of lights in your home, having a dimmer is very useful.

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Choosing the Right Bulb

In choosing the right bulb the following aspects must be taken care of:

  • The brightness of the light: Depends on how much bright you want certain areas of your room to be.
  • Color: There are multi-colored bulbs available now. Choose the one you want for your room.

Decorating your bedroom is on everyone’s wish list, but the lights are a very important part of that decoration. It just doesn’t make your room look good but helps you transition your mood in however way you like. Lights play an important role in our life. The Urban Ladder has a very good bedroom wall light decoration items for you to check. Also if you are in the neighborhood looking for a furniture store nearby, there is an Urban Ladder store in every major city!

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