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When you first start Decorating Ideas and dating someone, everything is fresh. You would shop for an outfit if you knew you had a date, and you would even put on an extra splash of perfume or cologne if you knew you would be around each other; in short, you still give each other butterflies.

As time went on, and you got to know each other a little better, you let your guard down a little more and started getting to know real versions of each other. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because after all, the love is still there; it just shows an increased level of comfort around each other.

That increased level of comfort has now turned into marriage with the addition of little ones. Again, the love is still there, but the romance has gone down a little. Well, the decrease in romance could be because you’re a product of your environment.

Having a family does lead to clutter at times, but do you know the one place in your home that should not have clutter? If anywhere, your bedroom should be as free of clutter as possible. However, for many people the bedroom somehow becomes the dumping ground for bills, toys, and dishes, out of pure laziness by not putting them in their correct place.

The very place where rest, relaxation, and romance is supposed to occur often becomes the last place where any of them happen. The stressors of life can wear you out, but you can’t expect to relax in a room that’s full of clutter. As a spousal team, you have to work together to put the romance back in your bedroom, which will in turn, help put romance back into your marriage. Here are some decorating ideas that are sure to help you feel the love in your bedroom.

Mood Lighting

When you think of candles, romance is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Candles are the number one source for mood lighting. The warm ambience, and the flickering of the light, can change the mood and feel of any room, but especially the bedroom.

One afternoon, try stopping at your favorite candle store, and picking up a couple of candles. You can get the candles in a jar (filled candles), but if romance is the goal you’re trying to accomplish, then you need to go for either the pillar candles or the votive candles.

Pillar candles are thick and sturdy. They can stand on their own, but they look so much more elegant and romantic when they’re placed on candle holders. To add a little depth to your bedroom, you can get candle holders of different heights.

Votive candles are short candles that are usually inside a small glass holder. With this style of candle, the more you have, the bigger the impact. They’re small, so you can put a few on the dresser, a few on the window seal, and a few on any other bedroom furniture pieces of your choice. The goal is to have the flickering of the candle showcase you in your best light.

Personalized Items

Personalized Items

This is the part of the decorating where you get to make things really special just for the two of you. The idea is to personalize your space with anything and everything that symbolizes your love for one another.

Dig up old pictures from when you first started dating and frame them. If you all wrote your own vows for your wedding, find a way to get those printed out and frame. This will surely be a reminder and testament as to why you’re meant to be together.

Luxurious Bedding

Luxurious Bedding

Another way to surprise your spouse is by switching up your bedding. Your current bedding set may be just fine at serving its purpose, which is to provide your with bed coverage. Those big blue flowers on the sheets could be the only bit of romance your bedroom has seen in a long time, but if you really want to introduce a ‘wow’ factor to your spouse, indulge them in designer bedding sets that will have them sleeping in a bed of luxury.

With the bedroom being the area of ultimate comfort, your bed needs to be the ultimate comfort zone. Draping your bed in upscale bedding would definitely be a surprise for your spouse, and it would also show that you care about their comfort. Ensuring that your spouse sleeps well ensures that you sleep well too. If you need one more reason to purchase luxury bedding, the reason would be that you and your spouse deserve it. Marriage is work, but the fact that you love each other so much makes the work a little bit easier when doing it together.

Sensual Linen Spray

Now, you can have these luxurious linens on your bed, but to really increase the sensual feeling in your bedroom, and suggest even greater intimacy, add some sensual scents to make the room smell romantic. Adding linen spray to your bedding tickles the senses, and enhances your attraction levels.

Some scents that are well known for increasing romance in the bedroom are vanilla, lavender, and Jasmine. These scents also have relaxing and calming properties, which are perfect for your bedding, especially after a long day at work. Having a relaxing and sensual scented bed to come home to is something your spouse will appreciate as much as you do.



There is not one person in the world who doesn’t appreciate gifts from their spouse. It doesn’t have to be large extravagant gifts either; just a small love token that shows your spouse that you think about them.

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have to be big and extravagant. For your husband, you might be out at the store, and see a tie that you know he would love. Grab that tie for him and set it on his side of the bed with a little love note.

For your wife, you may know that she is obsessed with fuzzy socks, and it just so happens that you saw some fuzzy socks on sale at your local drug store. You could buy those socks and set it on her night stand with a note attached.

It’s really the little things that show you care the most. Of course, you can go out and buy an expensive watch for your husband, or a diamond necklace for your wife, but finding gifts that resonate with their special quirks is priceless.


A lot of people have a hard time functioning in an area of clutter. Your bedroom should be the last place clutter should be. The bedroom is a place of rest. Having bills and toys in your bedroom is an easy way to kill the romance you are trying to rekindle, but to declutter the way you really need to, you have make it a team effort between the two of you.

When changing clothes, make a mutual effort to hang clothes back up, and put dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket. The same applies for shoes. After a long day at work, we tend to come home, kick off our shoes, and leave them wherever they land. If you are trying to declutter, that’s not going to work.

Walking in your room and tripping over a shoe isn’t very romantic. So, lookout for each other by helping each other out. If your husband comes home and leaves his shoes out, do him a solid and put it up for him. Your husband should reciprocate the favor. After all, a clean room is a happy room.

Mood Music


Dimming the lights and putting on a little mood music is a sure-fire way to make your room romantic. To be fair, the music should be music that you as a couple enjoy. If the wife is a country music fan and the husband isn’t into country music, that might not be the right type of mood music for you at all.

The same goes for the husband. If the husband loves rock and roll music, but you don’t, then rock and roll music definitely isn’t the right type of music to set the mood. This is something that you and your spouse should know about each other, and depending on the spouse, one might be willing to listen to any kind of music their spouse prefers.

No one has the big and bulky boom boxes these days either. Listening to music from your phone through a wireless speaker will allow you to still set the tone, without the bulk.The important thing is that you all are spending some much needed time together. The music is simply there to set the mood for the romance to flow.

Romance Revisited

As a couple, you know the dynamics of your marriage. These decorating ideas are simply suggestions on what you can do to increase the romance in your bedroom. You are married to your best friend, and there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them. So, if romance needs to be revisited, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Working together to bring that romance back, and doing the little things, gives you a different perspective of your spouse, and will ultimately make you appreciate and respect them even more. You can love your spouse to the moon and back, but taking the steps to reintroduce the same feelings of love, to get those butterflies back in your stomachs, will make your love transcend to another level.


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