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Attractiveness is a very individual concept. There are 3 things that perceived as attractive pretty much all around the world. First is to look healthy. Second is being confident. Third is radiating positivity. I’m going to share my personal 10 tips that instantly increase you attractiveness.

1. Pink lips & cheeks

You know how as children we have these really rosy cheeks and lips when we came home from playing outside during winter. Rosy cheeks and lips are perceived as super attractive and beautiful because our brain interprets those signs of good health. Therefore adding a pink blush on your cheeks and lips can give u tremendous attractiveness

2. Perfume


Smell is one of these factors that work in a very subconscious way. I can tell you from my experience that smell can be a game changer the way people perceives you. And that is true for man and women alike. Just apply some of your favorite perfume and body spray on your washed skin before you go out. I promise you that you’ll notice the difference.

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3. Smile

I know this is a super obvious one but I’ve realized that how powerful a smile can be. A real smile sends a positive vibes and makes people feel good in your company. This good feeling is what attracts them to you.

4. Lash Curler

We all know that by using lash curler, we lift our lashes and make them appear longer. This helps making your eyes bigger and somehow it just instantly adds loveliness to your face. Good thing is that it works really well when you don’t wear makeup. It only takes a couple of seconds.

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5. Posture

It’s probably very common knowledge that confidence is for both man and women which is one of the most common factors to perceive as attractive. Now confidence is more about body language and the way you carry yourself. So you can make yourself instantly more attractive if you straighten your back or shoulder and lift up your chin as well. You can see a prominent difference in your body posture.

6. Bronzer

Put bronzer on the sides of your head and especially on cheek bone. It will go a long way to make your personality more attractive and seducing. That’s because it adds more definition to your face and especially when you are very pale then it just gives you a very slightly sun kissed glow.

7. Soft Skin

Soft Skin

Soft skin is a sign of sexiness and good health. Both are the things which are mainly associated with attractiveness. So one quick step that always helps is to moisturize your skin and especially hands since they are along with your face. It is one of the most common things in any interaction. Hand creams and moisturizing body oils sprays are my personal favorite for soft skin.

8. Nude heels

We all know that wearing high heels flatters the figure and also improves one posture. This in fact is especially apparent when you are wearing nude high heels. That’s because nude heels blend quite well with your skin color which makes your legs appear longer. Therefore it usually improves body proportions.

9. Shiny Hair

Shiny Hair

Few things can increase ones attractiveness as shiny hair. One super quick thing that you always do to increase the shininess of your hair is to brush it thoroughly. This way al the natural oils get equally distributed. You can also add extra shiny spray to it. I personally carry my hair brush with me wherever I go so that always I can brush my hair according to need.

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10. Wear White

As a girl have you ever noticed you get much more positive intention when you wear white? As compare to different colors, white color looks really fresh and young. For a first date, I personally recommend to wear white so that you will look more attractive.

I really hope that these tricks will help you in building up your personality more attractive and seducing.

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