CBD Skincare Routine

In your nearest drug, grocery, or convenience store, you can buy nearly anything you can think of infused with CBD. The advantages are limitless to the health benefits this hemp-plant extract can bring.

Implementing CBD into your skincare routine is effortless, and can be applied in multiple forms. You can use a CBD hand cream, CBD serum, or CBD lip balm to start seeing the results you deserve.

Your skin will appear healthier, and you will have a better feel about yourself for using only natural ingredients on your skin.

Are you ready to learn all the benefits to gain from incorporating CBD into your skincare routine?

1. CBD is Organic

The amount of farmers who are growing hemp is at its all-time high. Last year, farmers were licensed to grow 511,442 acres of hemp, raising the growth percentage to 455 percent.

CBD is extracted directly from the plant. The term organic means the compound is grown free of pesticides, genetically modified organisms, synthetic fertilizers, or sewage sludge.

If you suffer from plant allergies, isolates will be the best because they are 99 percent CBD, while full-spectrum oils are known for their aromatic terpenes.

Your skin will only enjoy the healthy benefits of a fresh farm product.

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2. Moisturize with CBD

When you properly moisturize the skin, it is smooth to touch. The fingers will slide over it like silk.

The compound derived from the hemp plant has a substantial amount of antioxidants. Using topical moisturizers infused with CBD will not produce any high.

Omega 6 and Omega 3, also found in CBD oil, encourages the production of collagen. Therefore, your skin loses less moisture.

You can use the product on any part of the body. The CBD nutrients will immediately be absorbed and then provide softer feeling skin instantly.

Moisturizing with CBD lotions, oils, and creams will become routine after the first application.

3. Anti-Aging with CBD

Do you want to look younger, but refuse to get surgery or buy expensive products containing a host of ingredients that are hard to understand?

You are not alone. CBD has the properties to reduce the signs of aging, such as red skin tone and skin dullness.

Environmental factors and the loss of collagen and elastin are the reasons that skin starts showing signs of aging.

Free radicals damage the body’s skin cells, and CBD topicals reduce them making the skin healthy and firm.

4. Reduce Wrinkles with CBD

The more you age, the more wrinkles start to line the face and sometimes even the neck and arms.

High potency CBD topicals like the ones from Penguin CBD are generally the best way to moisturize. But how is it possible to tighten up the sagging and lines that are best known as wrinkles?

There are CBD oral supplements and topicals of a higher potency that will bind the stretched skin back together.

5. CBD Targets Bad Cells

Your skin is continuously leaving dead cells hanging around, and they can sometimes become trapped in pores.

More than 36 percent of CBD users attest they have an underlying health condition. The oils they used brought healing to their damaged skin.

To see the repairs of the damaged skin cells, you must establish a daily routine with proper dosing.

6. Calm Inflammation with CBD

If you have ever experienced symptoms of inflammation, then you know it comes with swelling, redness, and fever.

The first reaction is to run to the store and grab an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory supplement.

The process for those tablets is strenuous, and the ingredients are not plant-based. CBD creams are all-natural

To combat inflammation, CBD interacts with neurotransmitters that bind with cannabinoid receptors already in your body.

7. Healthy Lips with CBD

With the current trend of everyone wearing face masks, others do not get to see your lips in public.

Should that stop you from keeping your lips hydrated and healthy?

The answer is no. If you do not frequently maintain your lips, they will dry, crack, bleed, and you could end up with an infection.

To eliminate having flaky lips, many have turned to CBD lip balm for its healing properties.

Lips lack oil glands and cannot produce moisture on their own. It is normal to lick your lips when they are dry, but that only moisturizes for the moment, then you have to keep repeating the action.

When you buy the CBD lip balm, don’t forget to get some for home and on the go.

8. Improve Sleep

After a sweet restful sleep, you will always wake refreshed and energized. Just as the brain and the rest of the organs in the body, your skin also needs rest.

Those who suffer from skin conditions find the only relief they get from their symptoms is sleep.

CBD oils and creams absorbed into the skin assist in regulating sleep cycles by controlling the stress hormone, cortisol.

The calming of the hormone thus leads to better sleep and healthy-looking skin.

9. Reduced Bad Reactions

Have you tried new skincare products, and immediately your skin starts having a tingling sensation? Maybe your face did not have that sensation before you went to sleep, but when you awake, some part of your body is unrecognizable.

These are examples of allergic reactions that you can avoid if CBD was a part of your skincare routine.

Products infused with CBD have a shortlist of ingredients because CBD carries the majority of the healing properties.

You now only have to look for specific terpenes such as pinene or limonene, which can cause a pine or citrus allergic reaction.

CBD Helps With All Skincare Issues

The skin you live in faces many risks daily. Factors that affect the skin include the sun, aging, and sometimes underlying conditions.

You can use topical products or take an oral supplement. Each skincare product comes with dosing instructions so you can get the results you want.

Skincare routines designed with CBD as the main ingredient treats and prevents unhealthy skin issues.

Once you begin your CBD skincare routine, you will not go back to previous products that lack the benefits of hemp.

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