How To Spend A Day With Boyfriend

Whether you’ve been together for a long time and want to try something new, or are still in the fun new stages of your relationship, having a fun day with your boyfriend that is meaningful to both of you is easy to plan. Here are some fresh ideas to help you both bond and have fun while creating valuable memories.

Brave A Challenge Together In An Escape Room

Escape rooms offer the kind of challenge that allows you to see your partner for who he really is when under pressure, so it’s a great activity to do early in your relationship while you’re still trying to figure out if you want this to be a more serious commitment.

Going to an escape room with your beau can be done one of two ways. Let’s say you’re planning a day that involves some time with both of you alone, but also some time with each other’s friends or with another couple. If you just started dating then this may be a fun alternative to getting to know each other’s social circles rather than the typical bar scene. This will give them an opportunity to learn to gain their trust and respect. Since escape rooms usually only last about 75 to 90 minutes, including the check-in and debrief time, it’s a great way to mix some time with others in. Also, the more people the more fun you will have!

Escape rooms can be completed with 2 people. Relationships are all about communication, making wise decisions as you navigate your lives, and resolving conflict with compassion. The rooms are designed to allow even small groups to be able to finish the game in a reasonable amount of time. You can find out more about escape rooms here.

Check Out A Local Festival

Some of the most passionate people might be in your very community. All around you, there might be anything from cultural festivals where you can enjoy food, art, and dancing from other cultures to art fairs where local skilled artists sell their works. Music festivals have been on the rise over the past ten years, from as large as Coachella to the local events. Many local festivals are free to the public, and people are encouraged to stop by. Local vendors, fun activities, and great live music can usually be found at these fun events.

Get Active

If your boyfriend is the kind of guy who loves to be active, then you will definitely want to brainstorm some places for you both to get moving. What you do will depend on what your boyfriend’s interests are, but a great idea in choosing what activity to do is to think about one that he would like to teach you more about. If he’s an avid fan of rock climbing, for example, but you haven’t done it yet, then think about how much it will mean to him when you try it out for yourself.

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Or you can choose an activity that you both are unfamiliar with, such as signing up for a salsa dance workshop, or trying something similar to both of your interests but is still new. Think about the things that you both individually like to do, and why you enjoy them, to find the right activity for you both.

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