Ideal Student Accommodation

If you’re about to go to college for the first time, chances are you’re already thinking about where you’d like to stay. While some people are happy to stay on campus, others would like to stay elsewhere. However, it’s essential you find a place that suits your needs so how do you go about it? We’re going to take a look at this now:

Tips to Find Ideal Student Accommodation

Start Looking As Soon As You Can

One of the best things you can do is to start looking for accommodation as soon as you can. The earlier you look the more likely it is that you’ll find somewhere ideal. If you leave it too late your choice could be very limited. This is because all of the good places will be snapped up quickly.

Make sure you know what you’re looking for. Do you want to share a house with 3-4 other students or are you looking for your own place? Would you like to live in an apartment or would you prefer a large house? When you consider all of these options you’re much more likely to find some accommodation that is ideal for you.

Consider Your Budget

If you have a large budget, you can pretty much rent any accommodation you like. However, if you’re limited you’ll need to find the right apartment at the right price. Some student accommodation can be very expensive as it comes with a built-in gym and other amenities. However, privately rented accommodation can be much more cost-effective.
Think about how much money you will need to make ends meet each month. Consider food, travel, books, your hobbies, and your bills. Once you’ve calculated how much you’ll need to pay for these you’ll have an idea as to how much rent you can afford.

Consider Your Commute

How far are you willing to commute to your new place? You should be aware that some off campus apartments can be at least a few miles from your college. If you have access to a car you might not mind the commute but you’ll have to consider how much gas you’ll have to pay for every week.

Ideally, you should find an apartment that is within walking distance of the college. It will ensure you have no travel costs and it’ll also mean that you’ll get a little longer in bed each morning.

Look For An Apartment That’s Clean

If you’re looking around and apartment and you spot some signs of damp you should seriously consider somewhere else. This is because damp such as mold can have an impact on your health. Remember, if you opt for off campus accommodation you’ll have to organize the cleaning yourself.

Look For An Apartment That’s Safe

An apartment that is worth paying for is one that will help you to stay safe. You should not have to worry about your safety while you’re studying for exams or writing assignments. Make sure you only ever move into a place that has a fire alarm and a burglar alarm. Can you lock the doors easily and in such a way that it’s hard for another person to get in?
Your safety is a priority so please make sure you consider this when viewing an apartment.

Consider the Length of the Rental Agreement

How long do you plan to live in the accommodation? Are you looking for a yearly rental or just six months? Before you sign any contract make sure you know how long your rental agreement is. You should also ensure that you’re protected should something go wrong. If you don’t like the contract’s details you are under no obligation to sign.

Speak to the owner of the accommodation about your concerns. If the rental lasts for six months but you want to stay longer ask them to amend the contract. If they refuse, you should consider looking for alternative accommodation.

Ensure There’s Plenty of Space to Study

You might think you have found the perfect place to stay but is there enough space to study? Chances are you’re going to be doing a lot of studying. You’ll need enough space for your laptop, your books, your notes, and everything else you need. Ideally, there will be a desk in your bedroom as this offers you a lot of privacy. However, if you’re happy studying at the kitchen table you’ll need to make sure it’s big enough to work at.

Use the above tips to help you find the ideal student accommodation so that your time at college is memorable for all the right reasons.

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  1. You made a good point that cleanliness is a big deal when looking for student apartments because molds can be very tricky to deal with. I’m planning to get a second college degree someday and that would mean I will have to move somewhere closer to the university I want to get into. As such, being savvy about finding student apartments will help me out by a lot.


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