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Clutter drains energy. It can make cleaning more difficult than it needs to be while giving you absolutely no room to manoeuvre. Free space in your home is essential, so let’s delve into the importance of decluttering and organisation as well as checking out some top tips for a more liveable environment.

Free space can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Unnecessary clutter and mess can lead to stress and anxiety. It can also cause guilt – as you battle with the idea that you should be cleaning – as well as embarrassment if people pop round. By making the most of storage solutions, recycling anything you no longer use or taking unwanted items to charity, you could free up space and create a much more comfortable place to relax and unwind.

A popular Danish lifestyle trend known as hygge revolves around achieving cosy contentment by appreciating the simple things in life. It’s not about excess but instead about surrounding yourself only with items that bring joy and improve wellbeing. This can be something to keep in mind when you’re having a good sort out.

  • Make you want to stay at home

If your house is a complete mess, you might not have anywhere to unwind and this might force you to stay at work or visit friends – instead of inviting people back to your place. By cleaning your property, organising your belongings and getting rid of anything unused you may find a new love for your own space and want to stay at home more. That feeling when everything is clean and fresh is good for the soul. So even if you’re not in the mood for a thorough scrub down, investing in storage solutions that make everything look tidy is a good starting point.

  • Prevent accident and injury

It’s easier to hurt yourself if items are left in disarray. You might get up in the middle of the night, for instance, only to fall over bits and bobs you’ve left on the floor. What’s more, it’s important to think of fire safety. If your escape routes are blocked, then an emergency evacuation could be impossible. Sure, this might sound extreme, but freeing up doorways and corridors really is crucial– just in case.

According to Feng Shui principles, your front door should always be kept clear as this is where energy, known as ‘chi’ enters your home. So, by following a few ancient traditions you could improve the layout and safety of your property.

  • Make way for creativity

When there’s stuff everywhere, it can be difficult to let your creativity flow. For instance, redecorating or planning a new layout for a cluttered environment can be somewhat impossible. But by freeing up space you can start to get a clearer vision of what might work. If you suddenly find you’ve floorspace to play around with, for instance, investing in a beautiful new rug could help you keep that area free from unnecessary clutter.

Freeing up space in your home is not only good for the aesthetics of your property but also for your wellbeing, so it might be worth a go.

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