Songs have to deal with more than a chorus. They consist of a diversity of high and low notes that you need to hit. As long as you can use your voice in a way that it will be in synchrony with the expected song’s flow, then you have made it as a karaoke presenter.

Having the right lyrics will only take you so far in karaoke. Aside from practicing to perfect your craft, your daily routine will affect your voice, and ultimately how well you can perform on stage. With the right routine, at least a few days leading to the presentation, you can get to wow the crowd with your voice.

Here are a few tips for preparing your voice for the perfect karaoke presentation:


Stay Hydrated

If you would like to become better at karaoke, then buying a karaoke machine is a good idea, and you can find one here. However, the right machine alone will not make you a good karaoke singer. Perfecting your craft trickles down to everything that you do to the last minute. You obviously have heard that public speakers and musicians need to take water a few minutes to their presentation to keep their vocal cords hydrated, but there is more to this routine.

Only taking water right before presenting will not help as much as staying hydrated. Ensure that you keep on taking water regularly to help improve the elasticity and effectiveness of your vocal cords. If you must drink some water, do so one hour before the presentation.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is never overrated when dealing with karaoke performances. Getting enough sleep allows your body to become rejuvenated which will be reflected in your voice.

Unfortunately, sleeping for 8 hours a day doesn’t necessarily translate to quality sleep.

To be safe, look for ways to optimize your circadian rhythm, such as by removing distractions. For instance, use blackout curtains to ensure that your room is completely dark at night. Stay away from your phone or any other bright screen an hour or thirty minutes before heading to bed. In return for pampering your body, your voice will sound rejuvenated instead of tired when singing.

Watch What You Put Into Your Mouth

Having a voice worth a standing ovation trickles down to how well you take care of it, and what you eat has a center stage role to play. Different foods will affect your vocal cords in different ways, making it wise to avoid them before your presentation. Here is a dive into the foods to avoid and the issues that they expose your vocals to:

1. Dairy Products

As much as dairy products contain valuable nutrients, they are enemies to your vocal cords. Acid reflux is a commonplace phenomenon after taking dairy products such as cheese. This can easily affect your vocal cords.

Other than being tough for the body to break down, dairy products cling to the throat areas, thickening the mucus. This extra layer of mucus inhibits the flexibility of the vocal cords, which is vital when looking to bring out the best in your voice.

2. Overly Sugary Foods

If you tend to have sweet-tooth tendencies, resisting them is vital for optimal performance during your karaoke presentation. Just like dairy products, sugary foods like ice creams and cakes with thick creams tend to add an extra layer of mucus in your throat. Additionally, failing to balance out these foods with proteins or fiber tends to make your voice grow tired pretty fast.

3. Caffeine and Other Diuretics

Coffee is a diuretic drink (along with alcohol), which means that they tend to lead to more bathroom breaks than the hydration of your vocal cords. The more you go for a bathroom break, the more dehydrated your cords become as this will affect the mucous production. This is bad since your performance greatly depends on how well hydrated you keep your vocal cords. Taking such diuretic drinks before performing will lead to the constriction of your vocal cord muscles which makes it hard to hit a different range of tones during your karaoke presentation.

4. Ice Water

Although the summer heat might make you crave for a glass of cold water just before your presentation, this can easily lead to issues with your voice while singing. Cold or hot water tends to have adverse effects on your voice. For instance, freezing water tends to constrict your throat muscles, inhibiting the flexibility of your vocal cords.

Don’t Yell a Lot

Although it is only for a karaoke performance, the last thing you need is to make a fool out of yourself during the presentation. Avoid anything that will make your voice harsh. As a great example, voice actors typically avoid yelling to preserve their voices.

If you must cheer for someone, do it in a low tone, especially if you will be making your presentations next. In other instances, you might yell unconsciously. For example, people yell while speaking in loud environments or making a phone call in the same environment.

Stay away from such zones as much as you can as long as you have a karaoke performance coming up soon. If you must be present in such areas, avoid speaking too much and text instead.

Find Alternatives to Clearing Your Throat

While clearing your throat is a natural intuition to let go of any uncomfortable feeling you might have in your throat, it can be detrimental to your voice. It leads to the vocal cords clapping on each other violently. This movement often results in the cords swelling, reducing their flexibility.

If you must deal with the irritation in your throat, resist clearing it, especially if you have to make a presentation that is a few hours away. Instead, drink some warm water to restore comfort in your throat. Caffeine-free tea will also work perfectly in this situation. You can also spice up the tea by adding a few drops of lemon juice.


When you’re on the karaoke stage, your voice is all that matters. A well-pampered voice will always deliver to its full potential. Regardless of your reasons for performing karaoke, consider the above tips to have the performance of a lifetime.

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