Ketamine IV Therapy

When most people think of Ketamine, they tend to imagine recreational use to get a high. This stigma creates a negative reaction to Ketamine treatments that can actually help people suffering from chronic illnesses to maintain a normal homeostasis.

Ketamine has been around for years to treat depression. However, because of the drug’s negative stereotype, many people don’t even consider this treatment method for common mental health illnesses.

Now according to the FDA, depression and other psychiatric disorders may be treated with IV Ketamine therapy. With this new treatment, many people can have relief from their chronic pains and illnesses. Here’s everything you need to know about Ketamine IVs.

What is Ketamine IV Therapy?

Ketamine IV Therapy is a groundbreaking way to distribute psychosis-inhibiting drugs to the brain quicker than pill form. Medical scientists and the FDA support Ketamine IV. It increases the deliverability of ketamine to the brain, which in turn can help combat symptoms of depressive disorders in less time than traditional treatment.

A treatment that used to take weeks can be delivered in less than a few hours. This not only cuts down costs, but also allows patients to take fewer trips to the doctors.

Ketamine IV

How to Prepare for a Ketamine IV

Since this is an IV and not a surgery, the prep to getting a Ketamine IV is easier than one would think. The most important part of prep work is making sure you stay hydrated and eat before each treatment.

With most medical treatments, some people can get lightheaded when they do not have enough fluids or food in their system. It is also crucial to make sure you show up to your treatment well rested and stress free. This makes it easier for not only you, but also the staff so they can focus completely on the task at hand.

Side Effects

Ketamine is a very potent pharmaceutical, so it’s important that you are aware of the side effects before you go in.

Ketamine has been proven to impair balance. This means that you should try to remain seated to prevent falling and under no circumstances drive or operate a vehicle. Some people have experiences nausea, as well as feeling faint and lightheaded.

On top of these symptoms, most patients feel groggy after treatment. Alcohol will increase the amount of grogginess a patient will feel. Other drugs like Xanax and Valium can also affect grogginess, so it is crucial that you stop taking all other meds while dosing.

During the Experience

The first thing a patient might notice is a tingly sensation in the lips. After this feeling, the next sensation is heaviness in your body. Some people even experience an out of body experience throughout this process.

While this might sound terrifying, Ketamine is not a hallucinogen. There is no risk to having a bad trip. Instead, most patients feel like they are experiencing enhanced senses. However, it is important to understand that while these are the usual effects of the drip, some patients might not experience this at all.

Ketamine IVs Can Make a Difference

Ketamine IV is a drug that has been proven to help those who are in desperate need of help with a fast FDA-approved solution. It’s time that we start to ditch the negative connotations about ketamine. While the ketamine that was being prescribed ten years ago was quickly abused, the use of Ketamine IV’s allows for better results without the risk of major abuse.

New advancements with Ketamine IV drips have allowed for more people to get help quicker than traditional treatments. If you are anyone you know suffers from depression, ask your doctor if Ketamine IV’s are the right treatment for you. The answer just might be yes.

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