Having children and being a parent is a challenging job. Not only are you responsible for your own health and wellness, but you end up being responsible for the wellbeing of your children, too. This is natural and expected, but unfortunately, this often leads to us moms not having enough time to take care of ourselves.

With just a few simple health routines introduced, you’ll have a happier, healthier, and higher functioning you! This will make life less chaotic and family time more enjoyable. Instead of dwelling on the lack of exercise time you didn’t have, you’ll be moving forward in a positive, healthier direction. Try these tips:

1. Find Ways to Make Exercise Fun

Exercise is something that not everyone truly loves, yet everyone really does need it. And it makes a huge difference in your life as a mom. While it might not be the highlight of your week or day to hit the gym, getting that exercise in can do wonders not only for physical health and weight management, but also for mental health.

While adults can usually turn off the part of their brain that us to skip the workout and jump into a routine anyways, kids are much harder to convince if the exercise doesn’t sound fun. By finding ways to make exercise exciting for the whole family, it won’t be looked at as a drag but rather as a unique method of family bonding.

  • Go on long family walks at sunset
  • Try to start a neighborhood pick-up game of soccer
  • Head to a rock climbing gym as a group
  • Enroll in a class at your local YMCA or JCC

Bring new fitness activities into the family routine and make health a vital part of your family fabric.


2. Add Supplements to Your Routine

Adding vitamins and supplements into your daily routine is one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re getting the nutrients and help you need. Vitamins aren’t just for kids- they’re for moms that need to stay on the go. Even if you’re eating well, you still might not be getting the recommended amounts of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin-c into your body. Nowadays, it’s easy to find practically all vitamins and nutrients in dietary supplements. At supersmart.com, for example, you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for to suit your nutritional needs.

Find the right supplements by researching ways to treat your health concerns, learning the benefits of terminalia chebula, adaptogens, vitamins, and other at-home health tools so you can create a regimen of supplements that will strengthen your weaknesses.

3. Schedule Health Appointments in Groups

Doctor’s appointments can be a real drag. Of course, no one likes to miss school or work to sit in a waiting room for a check-up or a treatment.

However,one way to make these appointments feel easier and less frequent is to schedule all your family appointments in groups when possible. If you can all make one trip to the family doctor’s waiting room, you can knock out all the appointments in one day and wait longer until your next follow-up. This also creates more accountability for the whole family to attend their appointments because it’s much easier to go and leave together.

Make these group health days something to actually look forward to by scheduling a family lunch after everyone’s appointments are done so the time away from your normal routine isn’t entirely spent with a physician.

Stick to Healthy Routines for Life

By adding and following simple routines like the ones mentioned above, you can improve your overall health and turn taking care of yourself into a great family activity. Little things can go a long way, especially with health, and preventing is always much easier than treating. Do yourself and everyone you love a favor by injecting more health-conscious attitudes and regimens into your daily life- your body will thank you for it


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