Mattress Technology

Mattresses have come a long way since their invention. They are no longer all about fluff springs anymore. Instead, today’s mattresses are designed according to the users’ needs. Things such as the user’s preferences, level of orthopedic support required and personalized comfort are taken highly into consideration during the design phase.

It is safe to say that 2020 is a year that has seen the re-invention of mattresses. Everything from adjustable to latex foam alternative mattresses has seen the light of day. The amount of precision and technology that goes into designing mattresses is unbelievable.

Want to know more about this? Here is how mattress technology has dramatically changed in 2020:

The invention of smart mattresses

Did you know that artificial intelligence has found its way to our mattresses? As 2020 is being considered the ‘smart era’, the mattress industry has decided to join the new-tech movement.

These mattresses not only come with pressure sensors to ensure that they are adjustable but they also come with pressure chambers to keep you comfortable at night.
In addition, smart mattresses are also equipped with integrations that allow for the control of your house gadgets from the comfort of your bed. It does not get smarter than this!

The use of sensors and sleep tracking technology

Do you get the right amount of sleep every night? If you often wonder about this then all you need to do is purchase an adjustable mattress with sleep tracking technology.

Yes, you read that right!

These mattresses come with sensors that are integrated into the body. Usually, these sensors are connected to an external device such as your iPhone and they collect relevant sleeping data though out the night.

When you wake up in the morning, you will be able to find the information on your breathing rate, heart rate and how long you slept throughout the night.

The manufacture of mattresses with cooling technology

There is nothing more uncomfortable in the world than sleeping hot. Usually, sleeping in a hot environment disrupts your sleep pattern and consequently keeps you awake.

This is where new mattress technology comes in!

In 2020, a majority of mattresses are known for their cooling technology. Such mattresses can easily reduce temperature regulation issues because they are made using gels that react to your body heat.

When you are too hot, the gel turns into a cooling liquid. However, when your body temperature is just right, the gel remains in a semi-fluid state.

This cooling effect is much better compared to the kind that a breathable bed can deliver. While not everyone needs a mattress with cooling technology, but those who do can count on a good night’s sleep courtesy of the technology.

Bottom Line

The drastic change in mattress technology is almost as diverse as the mattresses themselves. Technology is subjective, therefore, different mattresses are designed for sleepers with different preferences.

Remember, sleep can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. It is up to you to choose a mattress that will meet you at your point of needs, and promote a good night’s sleep. After all, one size does not fit all.


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