Motorcycle Gears Guide

Suppose you’ve recently purchased a motorcycle, and you’re eager to indulge in the freeing experience of riding your motorcycle on the open road. In that case, you will definitely need to invest in some protective gear before you can start riding. Even if the motorcycle laws in your state don’t insist that you should wear protective gear, neglecting to wear protective gear can lead to severe consequences if you are involved in a collision or even a minor fall.

When driving a motorcycle, you are completely exposed to all dangers on the road, and even a fall can result in hospitalization if you are not wearing protective gear. To help you protect yourself on the roads, we have listed the top gear buying mistakes beginners bikers tend to make so that you can avoid them.

Not Replacing Your Helmet After Dropping It

Helmets are essential for motorcyclists, and dropping your helmet even once can threaten its structural integrity, rendering it less able to protect you in an accident. While you should know the rights of motorcyclists following an accident, replacing your helmet after a drop will protect you from traumatic brain injuries. Wearing a helmet will also ultimately strengthen your case in a claim as you have made an effort to invest in suitable protective gear, providing the perception that you are a road user who abides by the road laws. Be sure to replace your helmet following an accident or drop, even if the helmet seems to be in good condition.

Purchasing Regular Boots

Biker boots are currently trending, although the fashion boot look-alikes are not nearly the same as genuine biker boots. Instead of making the mistake of thinking you can save a bit of money by wearing boots that mimic the look of protective biker boots, you should purchase genuine protective boots from a retailer that stocks protective motorcycle gear. You should ensure your boots fit correctly, as loose boots won’t provide your feet and ankles with any protection in the event of an accident.

Thinking Gloves Aren’t Necessary

Motorcyclist gloves are essential. If you are in an accident, and your bare hands are exposed, the gravel on the roads can badly damage your hands. Instead, you should invest in quality genuine leather gloves suitable for motorcycle drivers. Various materials are used to make biker cloves, so the leather look is not the only option. You could consider kevlar gloves, the same fabric used to craft bullet-proof vests. Proper fit is also crucial when buying gloves, so be sure to fit them before buying them.

Buying A Fake Leather Jacket

You have the same options of genuine leather or kevlar materials when investing in a biker jacket. However, opting for fake leather to save a bit of money will be a massive mistake that can put you in danger. Artificial leather won’t offer you any protection in the event of an accident, as you might as well wear a regular windbreaker jacket or a sweater. Genuine leather biker jackets are crafted from thick, quality leather that can withstand the impacts of an accident and prevent your skin from being ripped off when sliding across a gravel road.

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