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To-escape-the-cold countries where warm jackets, scarves, and boots are not needed is a common practice for modern freelancers. You do not need to know a lot: find a remote job, buy tickets and take money with you. Or you can just pack a bag and live the whole winter for your own pleasure.

Here is our list of the top 5 freelance destinations. Keep in mind that this is not a luxury stay. In places from the article, you can comfortably live on about $ 1000 per month.

But first, a few tips:

  • be sure to make insurance for the entire wintering period;
  • take some bank cards with you. If you take one and lose it, you will have to return home;
  • take a basic first aid kit. Sometimes the necessary drugs are simply not available abroad or they cost a pretty penny;
  • do not pack piles of clothes. Your favorite sweater and coat will not be useful to you this winter;
  • do not forget your driver’s license. In all countries from the list, most often people move by scooters, mopeds, or motorcycles.
  • check your passport and all the documents.

Moreover, do not forget that transit visas may be required during your transfer. Plan your route in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Goa, India

Best Travel Areas

One of the most popular to-escape-the-cold destinations in India. First of all, Goa is strikingly different from the rest of India and ideas about the country. It is rather a large typical beach resort.

Goa attracts travelers from all over the world. So if you know English, you won’t have any problems with new acquaintances, introverts are rare here. We advise flying to the north of Goa. In the south, there are mostly expensive hotels and five-star resorts.

Air temperature in winter is from +20 °C to +35 °C.

Phuket, Thailand

Top Travel Places

Phuket is not only one of the most popular islands in Thailand, but one of the cleanest. Many expats choose this place. And where expats are, there is entertainment, infrastructure, and a stable internet connection. In Thailand, as in the whole of Southeast Asia, if you rent a bike and move around the island on your own, you can save good money on excursions. The main thing is to have a driver’s license with you.

Air temperature in winter is from +25 °C to +35 °C. It is very humid here.

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Top world Beaches

Sri Lanka is not inferior in popularity to Thailand. Here everyone comes to “take a breath”, to go away from the bustle and noise. The best place to enjoy the warmth and the sea, where even day-to-day work can turn into pleasure.

We could also advise the capital – Colombo, but chose a quieter place. Hikkaduwa is located 116 kilometers from Colombo. Here it is more peaceful and more picturesque. If you love diving and water sports, this is a paradise for you.

Air temperature in winter: from +24 to +30 degrees.

Da Nang, Vietnam

Best Visit Places

Da Nang is a beautiful coastal city that lies as much as 965 km from the capital. You may move to Ho Chi Minh City as well, but everything is too densely built up and noisy here. Da Nang is for those who want to have a relaxing break away from the noisy city: quiet, beautiful, close to beaches and local sightseeing.

Keep in mind that road traffic in Vietnam and India is considered the most dangerous in Southeast Asia. If you decide to rent a bike (even if you are an experienced driver), be attentive and careful.

Air temperature in winter: from +20 °C to +25 °C, occasionally there is light rain.

Bali, Indonesia

Historical Places

Bali has been the most popular freelance destination for the past few years. Life here is cheap and with wonderful peaceful people. The island has all the popular European restaurant franchises, coworking spaces, gyms, rental of anything. And don’t forget about surfing – this is the island’s calling card.

Indonesia is a highly religious Muslim country, but Bali is an exception. 90% of the inhabitants of the island are Hindu, so there are many temples that are worth visiting.

Air temperature in winter is from +23 to +35 degrees. It is rainy in winter, mostly at night. In the morning everything dries up.

Best working Places

Definitely, you can choose any place in the world and go there to work in winter. If you prefer to wait out the cold in luxury conditions in some expensive country, feel free to go, for instance, to Dubai. Rent yourself a Rolls Royce Wraith and the Persian Gulf view apartment. And enjoy your work and life.

We wish you to find your ideal place to work remotely. Good luck!


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