India is a country of rich history. One can find mesmerising stories of past almost in every nook and corner of the country. The creators of those stories have long gone,but they left behind palaces and heritage monuments to keep their stories alive forever. Mysore, a small dot in this vast country, is perhaps the wealthiest place regarding heritage buildings and palaces, making it the best place for history lovers.

This city acquiring a region of 128.42-Km2has a vast number of sites that attract the lovers of history, not only within its boundary but around it too. Let us have a look at the best sites in Mysore that can take you to the tour of rich Mysorian history.

Amba Vilas Palace aka Mysore Palace – This historical palace is the royal residence of the Wadiyar Dynasty, the ruling clan of the Kingdom of Mysore. This three-story stone monument is built in anIndo-Saracenic style with a blend of Hindu, Mughal, Rajput and Gothic styles.This palace standing proudly in the centre of the city is the majorcentre of tourist attraction of Mysore receiving more than 6 million visitors every year.

Jaganmohan Palace – Currently an art gallery and a function hall, this palace was the complementary building of the Amba Vilas for the royal family. This again is a three-story building, but it is built in a complete Hindu style of architecture with religious motifs and small temples sculpted on it.

Chittaranjan Palace –This is a relatively lesser known palace because it was sold by the royal family to a film company named Premier Studios. Currently, the building is being used as an eco-friendly hotel called Green-Hotel. This palace was a gift from the Maharaja of Mysore to his sister.

Lalitha Mahal – Built in line with St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, this is the second largest palace of Mysore. The Palace built in Renaissance Architectural Style reflects the Italian Palazzos. It was built by the Mysore Maharaja exclusively for the Viceroy of India.

Jayalakshmi Vilas Palace –This heritage structure is now used as a museum for valuable collections of artefacts. This modern architectural building spread across 6 acres was originally called ‘The First Rajkumari Mansion’ as it was gifted to the first princess of the Kingdom.

Cheluvamba Mansion – Home to the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), this Mysorean style palace was the gift to the third princess of Mysore. This beautiful heritage site is built over a large area surrounded by gardens.

Rajendra Vilas – The palace was built atop the Chamundi hills in Indo-Saracenic style with a slight Rajasthani touch. This is a private property of the royal clan which is used as palace-hotel whose management is taken care by the ITC welcome group.

Crawford Hall – This building now commonly known as the Mysore University Vice Chancellor’s Office was established in 1916. The university was built and headed by the Maharaja of Mysore,and the building was donated by him for the university. The building lies to the west of the picturesque location of KukkarahalliLake.

Rangacharlu Memorial Hall –The memorial hall now popularly known as Mysore Town Hal or simply Town Hall is a fine piece of architecture. This Neoclassical architectural building stands as a sign of gratitude to the first Diwan of Mysore after the restoration of Monarchy in 1881.

BramhatantraParakalaMatha – Standing just next to the Mysore Palace this matha has always served as the official Gurukul for the royal lineage. This is the first medieval era monastery of Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism.

In addition to these heritage sites, there are some other historical attractions in Mysore making it the perfect destination for history lovers. If you have the slightest interest in history a trip to Mysore is worth your time. And, won’t it be a good idea to book Mysore hotels that already are listed as a heritage site? You can not only see but experience the royalty!


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