If you are going on a tour to Europe and Bosnia is not in your plans then you are simply wasting your money. It may sound absurd to you for Europe is full of lovely and enchanting tourist destinations, but what is the worth of a land of beauty if it has been visited by all? Bosnia secures for the real travellers some tourist heavens that have been safely tucked away from the rest of the world as very few people visit the country. If you want to see the true beauty of Europe, here are a few places you must visit in Bosnia.

Top Destinations of Bosnia

Sarajevo – Baščaršija

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If you have been to Turkey and fallen in love with the awe-inspiring Ottoman structures, then you are going to adore Baščaršija. It is the old part of Saeajevo and not only it is an important and a must see tourist attraction, it is also one of the best cities of Europe. The locality has a special Ottoman look which is reflected in its mosques, shops and shopping squares. It is rich in history as it offers you exotic sights of some of the most important historical, cultural and religious buildings of Europe. If you are worried about accommodation in this lovely city.

Mostar’s Old Bridge

Destinations of Bosnia

Hailing as one of the most visited and famous historical monuments in Herzegovina and Bosnia are the Old Bridge of Mostar. This bridge has been named as one of the most beautiful bridges across the world and is the symbol of the town of Mostar. The bridge keepers of this awe-inspiring bridge who guarded it in medieval times were natively referred to as Mostari and from Mostari, the city took its name of Mostar. This bridge is constructed over Neretva and is known by the natives as Stari Most. According to some of the most celebrated historians, the Old Bridge is considered as one of the most exemplary pieces of Islamic Architecture in the Balkans.

The Waterfall in Jajce

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Securing a safe place among the twelve most beautiful waterfalls in the world is the gorgeous waterfall of Jajce. Flowing beautifully in the Pliva River in the centre of Jajce, tourist can visit this imaging water destination anytime of the day. The best part about this waterfall is that it is situated in the middle of the town. As the clean and clear waters of Pliva river fall from a stunning height of 17 metres in the most magnificent way, the beholders have accounted that the mere sight mages them forget all their worries. Truth be told, this is a natural monument carved by the Mother Nature herself.

The lovely land of Bosnia is full of awe-inspiring structures and places of immense natural beauty. The hotel rooms here are quite economical and so is the delicious food. If you are planning to visit the lovely country this summer, you can book some quality rooms at various hotel trip planning websites online. It’s best if you make reservations before you actually land in the country.

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