Nail Polish Painted Mugs

Lately, nail polish painted mugs have been very much in fashion You Can make nail polish featuring some contemporary art design, Nail Polish Painted Mugs. This weekend let’s make something to take to office to make those boring Mondays interesting.

Make Nail Polish Painted Mugs 

For a cool and attractive mug, painted solely by some old nail polish that you have ceased using, you will be needing:

  1. A white ceramic mug
  2. Disposable or old bowl
  3. Nail Polish

How to Make the Magic Happen

First of all make use of the old bowl and fill it with warm water. Now comes the nail polish. Gently add a drop or a couple of drops, as per your preference, in the warm water and let it spread evenly. Don’t rush things up otherwise you will lose the swirling pattern. You can also use a skewer stick or something similar to swirl the colour around and give the mixture any effect you like. These effects are necessary for people who desire some artistic charm, but if you like some plainly painted mugs, you can make the process pretty straight forward.

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Now dip the side of the mug, you want to fashion with your colourful pattern, in the mixture we just made.

If you want to further customize the pattern and add some creativity in it, you can always use some nail polish remover to remove any excess paint on the bottom and carve in some artistic pinstriped styles.

In cases where some of the paint manages to get inside the mug, the nail polish remover can help you out there too.

Once painted, carefully pat the mug dry with some paper towel. You can now repeat the same procedure mentioned above if you want to fashion your mug with a colourful abstract. Once the intended design is achieved, leave the mug to dray for at least 2 hours. After two hours, check whether it has completely dried up. The drying up process takes time in cold areas.

If you want the paint to remain longer, you can coat the painted areas with some non-toxic finishing spray. Try hand washing these mugs too or a dishwasher may be a bit rough on them. Just be easy with these and you will have the perfectly painted mug in no time.

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