In case you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you have unlimited alternatives as far as material and style are a concern. Even though there are advantages in today’s trends of countertop materials, there are numerous reasons why you should choose natural stone countertops. Merits such as; durability and value addition to your kitchen. Here are the types of natural stone you can choose from, followed by the benefits you get from having them as your choice of countertop material.

Types of Natural Stones

There are many types of natural stones you can choose from, with a range of different textures and colors. Natural stones are not similar, this means the outcome will create a spectacular view that’s exclusive and unique to your home. For more information on natural stone visit slabmarket. Here are a few examples of extraordinary stones you could choose to use.

1. Granite

Natural Stone

Granite is durable, firm and offers a very glittery view. It is easy to maintain, heatproof and comes in a wide range of colors. The benefits above make granite one of the best natural stones in the market. Its glittering view adds beauty to your home. These features, together with its benefits combined, depict a valuable material.

2. Quartzite

Natural Stones

Did you know you can mold quartz into any shape or size, is stain proof, and is a hard material? These are some of the reasons that make this natural stone perfect for your kitchen. Furthermore, it is easy to install and comes in a wide range of colors. It offers a unique site-adding value and beauty to your kitchen.

3. Marble


Marble could be a sublime choice of countertop material. Its checkered patters, combined with a shiny look, make for a sight like no other for your kitchen. It is also heat and waterproof and comes in a wide range of colors. Even though it might scratch and stain easily, the value it adds to your home is unmatched. It would be right for you to choose marble.

4. Soapstone

Natural Stones

Soapstone is softer compared to other natural stones. They come refined and look great when used on a kitchen countertop. It might not be durable compared to other natural stones, but it very easy to maintain and adds a sense of beauty to your kitchen.

5. Limestone


Limestone is a sedimentary rock comprising of the mineral calcite. It is used to make countertop and makes for quite a view in your kitchen.

Benefits of Natural Stone

If you have decided on using natural stone as your kitchen countertop material, then it is only best you understand the benefits coming your way. Although the advantages vary from one natural stone to another, the following applies to all of them.

1. Durability

Natural stones are very durable and can stand the test of time. The formation of natural stones occurs under extreme conditions, and take a long time making them a hard material. You use them regularly; either outdoor or indoor without ever worrying about staining or damages. Durability is probably the best benefit you can get from any material, natural stones notwithstanding. This gives you the confidence you need to choose them over other materials.

2. Easy Maintenance

You do not want to spend extra time at home trying to maintain and clean your countertop while you can focus on other home activities. Natural stone countertops make this a reality for you; it takes minimal care for you to maintain their natural look. All you need to do is ensure you clean them regularly.

3. Valuable

Natural stones add value to your home; if you are remodeling your house to put in the market, then this would be the best choice of material for your kitchen countertop. It is an appealing material for most homebuyers because it adds beauty and style to your kitchen. The durability of natural stone also appeals to most buyers, and for this reason, if you choose natural stone, you have made an informed choice. This value is unmatched.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Compared to most countertops’ options available for you, natural stone counters are the most environmentally friendly. Natural stone is eco-friendly and can be recycled into another item. This way, they do not cause any harm to the environment. This is unlike other counter materials, made from chemicals and plastic, which are considered harmful to the environment. You are not also able to recycle them once you’re done using them. They might be easy to install and have a relatively fair price, but they mess up with the environment- all more the reason to choose natural stone.

5. Aesthetic Value

Natural stone countertops turn your home from looking ordinary to marvelous. Aesthetics is very subjective, and almost everyone has their own preferences. With this in mind, you can choose the type of natural stone material that speaks to you and makes you feel good about yourself. Although people’s likes are generally different, there is a common agreement that natural stone counters make for an exceptional sight.

6. Flexibility

You can specifically get the design you desire when using natural stone. For example, if you wish for a V-shaped counter for your kitchen, the slab is cut precisely to achieve that. This way, using natural stone gives you the freedom to think of what look pleases you for your counter. It allows for creativity.

7. Uniqueness

It is almost impossible to find two natural stones that look the same. They are all formed differently and come in several designs and patterns. If you choose a natural stone material, you do not have to worry about it looking the same as that of your neighbors or friend. The look will be outstanding and specifically of your choice.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of whether to choose between natural stone or any other kind of countertop material, then the information above should make your choice easy. It is clear that natural stone is a way better choice compared to the other types of materials. The decision should be an easy one to make.


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