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In a house, the busiest part is the kitchen. Since everyone is always going to check what’s in the fridge, they head to the kitchen. Be it any part of day or night, the kitchen has to be in plain sight for your family and guests. This has been the notion for a long time now and the tradition persists. You can search far and wide and not be able to find a kitchen that is not the most important part of the house it resides in. And since we want everyone that enters the house to have a warm and homely feeling of being welcomed in a comfortable space, we can’t deny the importance of a marvelous kitchen to be designed in a specific way. Keeping in mind the necessary work carried out in the kitchen must be made easier in the process.

Marvelous Kitchen Tips

Redesigning Your Kitchen:

If you’re someone who’s looking to have their kitchen redesigned or building a new house, please don’t just go about it in the way you are without considering this. The general idea of a kitchen is to be a place for cooking. But if we were to see the conditions that are not only favorable but efficient and secure, we will understand the need to fix it. The right way to go about it would be to start with the area. You want your kitchen to be acting as an access to the residents of the house. Not only is this a health department tip, it actually helps to minimize the workload it takes to transfer things in and out of the kitchen. Like trash cans, groceries etc.

No matter how big you’re looking to design the kitchen, you can be sure that you need adequate space for the cooking as well as for the people that hang around in the vicinity either waiting or searching for food or eating it. If you’re looking to put tables in the kitchen and not going with the simple way to design it, you should consider leaving a large area for the chef to be able to dance around the kitchen.

Secrets of Elegant Kitchens:

For years, it has been seen that the fundamental philosophy followed when it comes to designing kitchens is to keep in mind the idea of the triangle. The triangle as in the geometrical shape that manifests in the kitchen with its vertices being the fridge, the range, and the sink. These three together make up the most important part of the kitchen that is actually used by the chef. The perfect kitchen is one in which the chef is allowed access to all three of these positions without cramping the space or widening it too much. You don’t want the chef to be either suffocated nor running around. The adequate distance is around 12 feet on one side and 26 on the longer one. The triangle can be in any order as long as the vertices make up the triangle. Having that in mind, calculate the kind of area you’re expecting to put all your dishes and cabinets in. Also, leave space for additional items to be stored as it often becomes a problem to free up space. Check out FRC for fire safety equipment that should be essential in your list of items to be bringing in this season. Install smoke detectors in efficient places.


Knowing the best kind of paint is very helpful in achieving the perfect theme for your kitchen. Try exploring a lot before you make a final decision and don’t forget the necessities of the kitchen.

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