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Office equipment is probably one of the least most entertaining subjects ordinarily, but it is an important one. To soften the blow of talking about office essentials I will start with a fun fact about pencils: pencils are usually yellow because when pencils were first invented the highest quality graphite was mined solely in China. To signal to their customers that they only used the highest-grade graphite in their pencils, pencil-makers painted theirs yellow – the traditional colour of royalty and respect in the Chinese culture. Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the 5 items you need to upgrade every 3 or so years.

1. Scanner

High-quality scanners relieve the burden of having to file all your paperwork by allowing you to scan the documents onto your computer which can then easily be shared or moved to cloud storage for safekeeping. Paper-based offices are inherently inefficient and ineffective so you need to make sure yours is not one of these.

2. Printer

Don’t let your office printer be the bottleneck in your office, you can avoid this by investing in a good quality printer. This point is especially valid if your printer is prone to jamming up or spreading toner ink all over the floor. Make sure to get a managed print solution installed for you that will protect you, your employees and your business from devious individuals who will hack into your printer to get to your company’s sensitive data.

3. Webcam

Thanks to the pandemic, many of us are forced to communicate with our colleagues via video conferencing by following tips we read online to make the most of our digital conferences. Make sure the quality of your video call is crisp and clear, even if the lighting in your office is problematic. The poorer quality or older webcams cannot handle the blizzard of digital noise that comes their way so they don’t work nearly as well as they need to.

4. Security Cameras

Security cameras in an office environment are legal in most states for video surveillance purposes. Having good quality cameras installed or upgraded can help protect your business from theft and other security issues that may come your way. Most modern CCTV camera systems can be used both inside and outside but you do need to check this with your chosen installer when you’re choosing the right system for your office.

5. Computers

Anybody who has ever used an old, slow, dinosaur of a computer will understand the vast range of emotions one must endure getting through it. Upgrading your office computers doesn’t have to mean buying all new ones, you can upgrade the memory and the storage space at first and see if that makes the difference you need. If you haven’t upgraded your systems for many years, then you will likely have to buy all new computers if you want your office to run efficiently. Old computers tend to freeze and that can end up being a terrible waste of time for you and your employees.

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