Care tires safety Tips

1. Check the tire pressure weekly.

You will find the correct pressure for your car tires on their sidewalls or in the user manual. An interesting fact: the pressure in the tire must not be less or more than the permissible norm. Excessively high or low pressure leads to irreversible processes in the structure of the tire and, as a result, their quick destruction.

2. Check Wheel Geometry

Improper wheel geometry adjustment can cause abnormal tire noise, poor handling, slower response when driving, side pull and uneven tire wear. If you notice vibration while driving, do not postpone the trip to the workshop on the back burner. Since an unbalanced wheel leads to rapid tire wear.

3.Balance the wheels after every tire change or every 15,000 kilometers.

Poorly balanced wheels cause premature tread wear and damage suspension components. If you notice any unusual vibrations while driving, take your car to the garage.

4.Increase the tire pressure if you will not be using your car for a long time.

If you don’t need to use your car for a long time, then inflate the wheels to the maximum allowable pressure in order to avoid flat areas on the tread.

5.Avoid driving suddenly.

Avoid premature tire wear by smoothly accelerating and braking and maintaining a constant speed.

6.Use the right types of tires for the season.

Winter tires perform better if temperatures are below 7 ° C and summer tires if temperatures are above 7 ° C. Switch to winter tires when the temperature regularly drops to 7 ° C or less. When average temperatures rise again above 7 ° C, switch back to summer tires.

7.Store tires properly between seasons.

Store your tires in a cool, dry place. Protect them from sunlight, moisture and dust. Stack rim mounted tires on their side or hang them up. Store the removed tires in an upright position.

However, if your car is really old and has other mechanical issues, simply changing the tyres won’t make it road-worthy. You may consider selling your car at a car buyer such as Trade Cars For Cash for maximum profit.

The safety of a car is largely dependent on the condition of the tires . Ambient temperature, speed and driving style of the car, constant overload and shock – all these and many other factors significantly reduce the life of tires. As a result, reduced traction, aquaplaning and drifts.


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