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Medicine is a technical field which needs clarity and precision. Therefore, care should be taken when indulging in or taking a prescription. In this case, the discussion takes two dimensions; if the patient performed a physical diagnosis and if it is a self-taught arrangement.

If the patient did a physical diagnosis and medicine prescribed, it affirms the reason for taking a certain prescription. If it is unscripted, either by self-discovery or being told, care should be taken. The internet has a lot of information, both good and misleading. Therefore, before anything is done concerning a person’s health, it is good to get a diagnosis from a trained physician and the prescription administered by a trained pharmacist.

Benefits of Acquiring Medication from an Online Pharmacy

1. Time-saving – in most cases, patients do not have the energy to go to a physical outlet to procure medicine. With the touch of a button, all the details associated with the drugs are taken into account, processed and delivered. The advent of technology has helped breach the gap between doctor and patient. The process is much efficient if the patient suffers from a specific ailment and the treatment cannot be found locally.

2. The risk of tampering with the medicine is handled by the pharmacy. Drugs are sensitive commodities, and anything can happen in transit that might affect their purity and effectiveness. The drugs are in the pharmacy’s care up to the time they reach the patient. The pharmacy is skilled in such matters, and the delivery process is top notch. From ordering to delivery through processing, packaging and logistics, the follow-through is of high calibre.

3. Most pharmacies, before they even sent the medication, will indulge the patient for some information on their ailment. Such exercises aim at getting the right information for the right prescription. They are experts in pharmaceutical science and might offer an alternative or complimentary advice that might help.

4. Some patients would like to keep their identity and that of their ailment unknown due to self-esteem or personal reasons. An online pharmacy offers a conducive environment for such occurrences. Besides the usual doctor-patient discretion, this form of medication completely makes the patient anonymous and at the same time gets his or her dosage. It also gives the patient confidence in disclosing his or her conditions without feeling ashamed about it. This is common for patients suffering from STI’s, erectile dysfunction and other supposedly embarrassing diseases.

Huddles on Online Medical Prescription

1. The authenticity of these pharmacies cannot be ascertained. The anonymous characteristic forms a shield over these pharmacies, making their safety and verification questionable.

2. Some medications have been banned from usage by medical regulatory bodies due to their strong side effects and ingredients which can be used for other unlawful purposes. Online prescription forms an opportune avenue for selling them to the market.

3. Medication should not be administered without a valid prescription from a qualified physician. This might lead to misdiagnosis or health risks. This problem is more prone to online pharmacy compared to physical ones.

4. The risk of fake medication is high when dealing with online pharmaceuticals. They use enticing wordings posted on social media and personal emails.

Quality of a Good Online Medical Shop

Do thorough research on the pharmacy before transacting with them. You can look for the online presence, logos, operating business number and personnel. Referrals can also help in determining the suitability of such shops. Check the online medicine seller registry to determine if the pharmacy is trading legally.

The brand of medication that is being sold should be verifiable. The same can also be crosschecked online.

The pharmacist should request for a prescription first before administering the medication. This shows compliance with health standards and ensures correct prescription.

For logistical purposes, the pharmacy should have a credible and transparent system that can help truck the medication from booking to reception.


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