No doubt, the internet is a great educational tool utilizing which children can learn loads of good things. But with every good thing the internet offers, it also offers something really bad. Since children are expected to use internet in order to augment their learning process, many predators use this medium to take advantage of your child’s innocence. The darker side of the online world exists as clearly as we can see sun during the day. This is why a modern parent should monitor their child’s internet usage. After all it is your sole responsibility as a parent to protect your children from all sorts of dangers be it online or offline. So here are some ways you can monitor your kid’s internet usage.

Track their Smartphone

Today most of the surfing is done through smartphones and this is why it is really important that you should keep a close eye on them. So how are you going to track your child’s internet usage on his/her smartphone? This is the million dollar question because children today are very reluctant to give away their smartphones to their parents. And in cases where they know that their cellular device is to get inspected, they will be on their guard and delete applications and browsing history in advance.

Psychologists say that parents should not exercise excessive authority on their children and intimidate them into giving away their cellular devices. Such activities usually leave a scar on your children’s individuality and change them forever. The best way to handle such situation is to install a spy app on their phones and monitor their internet usage. There are intelligent applications in the market that can even monitor text messages. If you think that you need to monitor your children’s cellular communication we recommend that you install Hoverwatch to spy on someones texts. This app can simply hide in your child’s smartphone and send you all their tracked information through an online portal. It’s a really handy application to have at your side.

Check their Laptops

The basic way of knowing what sites your kid has been visiting lately is to consider the browser history. All internet browsers always save a record of websites that people visit on them. You can access the browsing history In Internet Explorer by going to the tools menu. If your child is using Google Chrome then just press Ctrl+H while the browser is active and you will have the entire history displayed to on the screen.

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Access the Wireless Router

There are wireless routers available in the market that are able record websites that are visited through your home internet connection. You can use them to monitor the internet activity of your children as they can easily create logs of visited web pages.

Talking to your Children

No doubt monitoring your kids’ online activity can help you in keeping them safe from predators, but it can be further effective if you talk to your children and educate them about protecting themselves online. You might plan travel tips with kids to spend time with your children. This will always help you as your children will be able to understand why keeping away from such portals is important. It will also strengthen your bond with them. Nonetheless, if you think that you are beyond the point talking, to your children, you can always try hoverwatch, on the official website.

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