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The WhatsApp is the most popular messenger and social media app in the world today. It is owned by Facebook and allows the users to exchange text messages, photos, GIF and videos. It also allows users to make audio and video calls over the internet. Whatsapp developers are bringing out newer versions of app from time to time, but they still fail to bring anything worthwhile to the users. So if you are looking for an instant messaging app to switch with your WhatsApp, here are some WhatsApp Alternative Apps options for you.

Best 15 Whatsapp Alternative Apps in 2017


The interface of Viber is just like WhatsApp and this makes it convenient and easy to use for a WhatsApp user. It also allows for easy access all the contacts stored on your device and allow you to communicate with all the Viber users who already exist in your contact list. Viber is enhanced with features such as video messaging and comic stickers and these make it an excellent WhatsApp alternative app. This instant messaging app supports almost all operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian and Bada phones.

2Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of the most popular social websites and apps. Both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger are serving the people and assisting them in communicating with the masses. The unique feature of Facebook Messenger is that if you do not want to share your contact number with somebody, you may add them on Facebook and communicate with them via Facebook Messenger. This adds to the privacy that WhatsApp lacks. This app also supports Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS in supported mobile phones devices.

3Kik Messenger

With a built-in browser, it is noted as the very first smart phone messenger. It relies on old-school usernames for the identity of the user. Kik Messenger has useful features which offer impressive texting experience, making the users love the interface. This instant WhatsApp alternative messenger further offers you to share pictures, videos, GIFs and more. This app supports Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS. Another good thing about this app is that it allows you to make new friends that aren’t in your contact lists. It’s a bit like the chat rooms that we used to have in the past when internet was new to people and its users were few.


WeChat is a China-based social media app that known as a good alternative to WhatsApp. This interesting app allows you to call or receive the high-quality voice or video calls absolutely free via internet connection. Its users can make calls to WeChat friends in any country. Basically much like WhatsApp, WeChat also allows you to chat and send pictures. Its interface is user-friendly and new users can also easily use it.

5Hike Messenger

If you like mostly an offline messenger, then Hike is the perfect mate for you. The most interesting and utile feature of this messenger is that you can make use of Hike Messenger for direct text messaging if your buddy is near you (around 80 meters). You can text message on Hike if your buddy is quite far away and the charge would be zero. Alike all, you’ll also get plenty of stickers to hold interest in your chat.

6Line Messenger

Being the strongest competitor in the list, Line messenger deserves the sweet spot. You can register an account with your mobile number. During registration, the app scans all your contacts to search the Line users. Moreover, you can make voice or video call to any Line user across the world for free. You must be connected to the internet to use this app. It supports all smart phone operating systems.


If you are looking for something better than Whatsapp, then Telegram would fit on your needs. You can send unlimited messages to your friends if you’d connect to the web. You also may share files like photos, images, docs, zip and many other formats with your contacts. The most prominent feature of this app is that you can create a group and add up to 5000 members. That’s actually better than WhatsApp. With the end-to-end encryption it is very secured app.


It is the 2nd most popular messenger after WhatsApp. As we know the photo and video sharing is currently the most popular among youngsters. So it allows exchanging text, photos, videos and bitmojis that remain visible on both sending and receiving device for a limited time before self-destructing. It comes with photo-editing tools and funny filters make it a perfect WhatsApp alternative app.


Skype is the most formal but most reliable instant messenger for video calling. It doesn’t require your phone number to communicate with someone on Skype. You can find and add people on Skype with their Skype IDs. Skype supports Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry phones.


Tango is a social networking app. It allows sharing of daily moments, making audio and video calls and playing real-time games. This WhatsApp alternative app comes with many other features to keep in touch with your loved ones.


Unlike other popular instant messaging apps, Threema is not free and does not offer real-time video calls. It is designed for a secure instant messaging that provides full end-to-end encryption with password and fingerprint protection.


As described by its name, GroupMe is the best way for group chats. It has a quality feature of creating dedicated groups for your contacts such as your family, friends, and co-workers etc.


It is Compatible with Android and iOS. Voxer users can exchange voice messages similar to a walkie-talkie device. Meanwhile, it also allows sharing text, photos, videos and location messages with individual or a group.

14Google Allo

It is the Google’s instant messaging app with AI assistant feature that can suggest you the quick message replies. Moreover, the Incognito chat mode allows self-deleted messages and private notification. Google Allo runs on iOS and Android mobile phones.

15Yahoo Messenger

Last but not the least is the Yahoo Messenger app. Yes, in its current form it comes with many social media features. Its distinctive feature is that it provides cloud-based photo sharing offline or low connectivity mode.

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