Pest Control Tips

Purchasing your first home is a huge milestone. It might be the biggest investment you ever make.

While regular maintenance, renovations, and monthly payments might be on your mind, it’s important that you look out for pests, too. Pests can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages. They can also be extremely stressful to deal with.

Here are a few tips to help you pest-proof your new home. Contact The Exterminators in your area for more information.

Keep the House Clean

Keep the House Clean

Pests aren’t necessarily drawn to messy homes, but they definitely prefer them. Cluttered homes provide pests with plenty of places to hide and nest. Pests can also smell the crumbs on your floors.

Keeping the home clean is an easy and effective way to reduce your chances of having an infestation. So, set up a cleaning schedule in your new home. Clean the kitchen and take out the garbage every day. Keep all surfaces clean and stay organized.

Store Food in Sealed Containers

Now is a good time to switch to sealed containers for your pantry. Storing all your food like this will make your home less attractive to pests, which will help to keep them out. Use sealed jars and thick plastic containers that keep foods fresh.

In addition to the pantry, use lidded garbage cans and bins. Keep these clean and use bungee cords on your bins outside to keep wildlife out.

Exclude the House to Keep Pests Out

Exclude the House

Homes have lots of little gaps that let in pests, even new ones. All it takes is a tiny crack in the wall to start a problem. Inspect your home for openings and seal them shut so you can prevent an infestation. Common entry points include:

  • Wall vents: Rodents can chew through wall vents, then get inside the walls of the home. Cover these with a quarter-inch mesh.
  • Weep vents: Sometimes, the spaces between the bricks in the wall can fit a mouse. Plug these with metal covers from the hardware store.
  • Door gaps: Many infestations occur because pests simply crawled under the front door. Fix this by adding some weatherstripping.
  • Windows: Add screens to your windows and replace them when they are torn. Fix cracks in the window frames and door frames with caulking.
  • Utility lines: Check faucets, a/c lines, and other cables for gaps surrounding them. You can block these off with mesh or caulking. Expanding foam can be chewed by rodents.
  • Cracks in the foundation: Fix thin cracks in the foundation with epoxy. Contact a professional for help with wide, diagonal, or horizontal cracks. Don’t forget to look under the porch.

Watch Out for Seasonal Pests

Pest problems are especially common between seasons. The critters come inside the escape the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. Bugs also become a significant problem in the summer.

Be ready for these changes in the season by doing a little pest-proofing. Clean up the house, maintain the yard, and block entry points so the pests don’t come inside.

Maintain the Roof

Mice are excellent climbers that can get up onto the roof and into the home via the attic. So, make sure there are no gaps along the soffits or the fascia of the roof. Cover roof vents with mesh for protection against squirrels and raccoons. Maintaining the roof is important for pest control as well as the overall maintenance of the home.

Clear the Outer Walls of the Home

Don’t lean anything up against the walls of your home. This creates hiding spots for mice and other little critters. From there, they might try to get indoors. Set up your woodpiles, furniture, and gardening a few feet away from the home. Rake leaves in the fall and keep your window wells free of debris.

Use the Right Pest Control Products

If you are faced with an infestation, research the pest you are dealing with, then use the right products. Don’t mix pesticides or use ones that are formulated for other species. Get all the information you can and follow the instructions provided on the products you use. If you need help, contact a professional.

Call an Exterminator for Help

Call an Exterminator if you Need Help

Don’t be afraid to hire an exterminator for help. Their services are just as essential as those of a plumber or electrician. An exterminator can get rid of pests very quickly and effectively. They can also provide permanent solutions by pest-proofing your property for you and using long-lasting pesticides. Call one as soon as you feel in over your head.


  1. I agree with you; calling a professional is very important because they have the right product to eliminate the pests from your house. Do not try any home remedies to keep the pest out; it won’t work; it will waste your time. So call a professional before it’s too late because they multiply in a short period. I appreciate you uploading this blog.


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