Men’s Gold Kada

When it comes to flaunting jewelry, men are not left behind. There was a time when men had very few jewelry options to choose from. But now the story is different. Various online and offline shopping sites and jewelry brands have come up with unique jewelry designs exclusively for men. The kada is one of them. The popular men’s traditional kada has been modified to suit the fashion needs of modern men. Now there are numerous options to choose from – gold-plated, silver, platinum, all gold, and many other materials. But gold and gold plated kadas for men ooze power, prosperity, and success. So, mostly all men prefer to go for a simple or bold gold kada for themselves.

Types of gold kadas that are available for you to choose from

Keeping in mind modern times, traditional men’s kadas have received a modern outlook. You can find kadas in a variety of materials, designs, cuts, and shapes. Let’s look at some of the most popular choices that are readily available:

  • Plain gold kada – There is nothing more appealing than simplicity. Simple and fuss-free gold bracelets & kadas look great on all. A minimalistic gold kada around your wrist will bring out your trendy side. You can team it with any outfit, and your overall look will be stunning. The beauty of this simplistic kada design is that it will be noticeable without being too loud or flashy.
  • Punjabi kada – A traditional Punjabi kada in gold, silver, or any other preferable materials is a timeless piece. And it should be a part of every men’s wardrobe. They are generally more intricate than a simple gold kada but have their own charm. Such traditional kadas usually have some traditional motifs or phrases engraved on them. You can team them with anything like kurtas, sherwanis, and even your casual or workwear.
  • Bold and intricate gold kada – Bold motifs and intricate designs look great on a kada. You can choose yours according to your preferred style. They also come engraved with many precious or semi-precious stones. You can also find diamond-studded gold kadas at many online and offline jewelry brands. They add an extra element of trendiness to your regular wardrobe. You can wear them with your traditional outfits to stand out from the crowd. Even your casual outfits will be elevated when paired with a grand jewelry piece like that.
  • Personalized gold kada – In recent years, personalization has become very popular. It adds a personal touch to your favorite jewelry pieces. So, there is an option to personalize your kada too. You can get your loved ones’ names engraved on it or your favorite quote. Many jewelers will make your gold kada into a personalized one without any extra charges. It can also be done at many online jewelry stores.
  • Creative gold kada – Many gold-plated kada for men are available with unique designs and added elements. Things like beads, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones have found their way into modern kada designs. Even materials such as suede and leather are added to enhance creativity. These kadas are very popular nowadays, especially with the younger generation. They add that extra needed oomph to any of your casual outfits like ripped denim and pastel t-shirt. You can also team them with your formal wear.
  • Modern chain kada – Many designs have gone through changes to adapt to our modern wardrobe. One such enhancement includes the addition of chained straps to gold kadas. They look good and feel unique in comparison to the traditional styles. They are also lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to carry with most outfits. Many bracelets & kadas linked with gold plated chains can be found on most online websites.

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Taking care of your beloved gold kada & bracelet is crucial

Everyone loves to see their gold glitter forever. So you need to take care of your gold jewelry. To preserve their shine and look, follow some simple measures:

1. To clean your gold kada – It is important to clean your gold kada at least twice a month to keep it looking new forever. It can be very simply done at home and at your convenient timing.

  • Soak your gold kada in soap and warm water mixture.
  • Soak it in the mixture for about 15-20 minutes and wait.
  • Use a soft brush to clean its surface. Give special attention to all the nooks and crannies.
  • Once cleaned, rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

2. Storage – When not using your gold kada, you need to store them properly. Storing gold jewelry in a dry and away-from-sunlight environment is recommended. The best method is to keep them in an airtight jewelry box in your cupboard. Also, use a very soft cloth or cotton as a bed for your kada.

3. Professional cleaning – Although cleaning your gold kada regularly at home is enough. But at times or for any special occasions, you can give them to your jeweler for some deep cleaning and polishing. This will add sparkling shine to your kada and make it look new.

The tradition of wearing kadas has been popular for ages. But our modern approach towards gold and gold-plated kadas for men has changed its appeal. Nowadays, there are thousands of kada designs to choose from. They vary in terms of lightweight, minimal designs to trendy, bold designs – everything is available at both online and offline stores where you can get quality products at the best price. Pairing the right outfit with your gold jewelry will add elegance to your look. So, do not wait; browse through designs and choose the one you love the most.

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