Men Winters Dressing

There aren’t many men who would turn down the opportunity to have a bit more fashion sense, but most want to be able to achieve this without having to spend longer looking at themselves in the mirror. Below are some high-reward, low-effort styles that will help you achieve your desired look without taking up too much time.

1. Equip Your Bathroom Cabinet

The winter weather can quickly have a negative impact on your hair and skin, so it’s a great idea to put in place a grooming routine that combats this. Not only is looking good important to most men, but smelling good is too. You can find great deals on men’s cologne at Maple Prime. Looking and smelling good can increase your confidence and make you stand out from a crowd.

2. Make Your Wardrobe Weatherproof

Make Your Wardrobe

The colder months aren’t all about gingerbread lattes and crisp leaves. Freezing cold winds can quickly lead to a feeling of daggers ripping through your clothes, and icy blue skies can turn into monsoon season within a matter of minutes. It’s a brilliant idea to take steps to weatherproof your wardrobe to stop you needing to take cover under shop awnings.
One great tip is to apply polish to your shoes. Not only does it make you look more professional, but polish also adds a protective layer to your shoes. This layer will stop you turning up at the office with wet socks.

Your outerwear should be treated in a similar way. Finding a quality raincoat rather than a porous coat is a great idea, however, if your coat is made out of a porous material, you should consider applying a spray that locks out moisture.

3. Cut Back on the Bright Clothes

There are lots of bright clothes available in the fashion industry at the minute. However, on a gray day, bright clothes can be a little optimistic. Instead, look for richer and deeper colors of the summer shades.

Neutral colors like black, brown and gray make getting dressed in the pitch black a lot easier. It doesn’t mean that you need to stick to a monochrome pallet, but this is never a bad idea.

To add a seasonal touch to your wardrobe, change your lime green clothes to moss green, your orange clothes to rust colored and your sunshine yellow clothes to a mustard color.

4. Update Your Accessories

Keeping warm in the winter is much more than just wearing a hat. Before you begin, you should think about purchasing a well-made, full-size umbrella. Cheap umbrellas are a false economy. Once they’ve turned inside out, that’s your money wasted and your clothes ruined.

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Purchasing a waterproof bag is another great tip. Coated leather bags are the most popular at the minute, however, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then choose nylon or treated canvas options.

A bag is a brilliant place for you to store your accessories when you’re not wearing them. One accessory you should always carry with you is a lightweight scarf. Lightweight scarfs are a great option for people who travel on public transport, as they can easily be stored in your bag when you’re not wearing them.

Dressing well is important to most men, but it is equally important to them that their daily routines don’t take up too much time. By following some of our top tips, you will look stylish in no time.


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