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Is it possible to feel weightless while your feet are on the ground? The Moon Pod claims that yes, it is possible, and what’s more, they’re the bean bag that’s going to make it happen.

The Moon Pod claims to be a zero-gravity bean bag. According to its website, the Moon Pod contains responsive high-density beads that make people feel like they’re floating. It’s supposed to be similar to what people feel during Floatation Therapy. Floatation Therapy is done in a pool of warm salt water, which makes the body feel weightless. In doing so, the body relaxes, and stress and anxiety are reduced. The Moon Pod claims to be able to do the same thing but without the water. It also claims to be able to relieve neck and back pain.

In this Moon Pod review, we will look at whether the chair really is like Floatation Therapy, (minus the water), and whether or not it is an improvement over the traditional bean bag chair.

Let’s begin by looking at the construction of the Moon Pod. The Moon Pod measures 4 square feet and is light enough that you can pick it up and carry it. It comes with a removable cover that’s made from a flexible material and comes in five colors: Neptune Blue, Moon Indigo, Space Grey, Cosmic Ash, and Rose Quartz. Under the removable cover is the sack that holds high-density beads. These beads are what Moon Pod says provides the feeling of weightlessness in addition to offering ergonomic support and comfort.

The removable cover is machine washable, but the sack is not. This is great for small spills and general debris, but as one reviewer notes, liquid easily goes through the outer cover and can stain the sack. For this reason, the Moon Pod may not be good for use around drinks or children who tend to wet the bed. Additionally, the chair should be kept away from pets as their claws are likely to puncture the material.

The Moon Pod is buoyant, able to hold a person aloft quite comfortably. It feels like you’re being gently held up, but you can’t really call it weightlessness. It’s quite relaxing, and it did relieve the neck and back pain of several reviewers. One reviewer noted that the chair provides lumbar curve back support and neck support in almost any position you place your head. However, you can’t fit your whole body on the pod at the same time (assuming you’re of over 4 feet tall).

The Moon Pod can be shaped into three different variations; you can lay it horizontally, you can sit it in a traditional chair position, or you can lift one end slightly like a lounge chair. The horizontal position is ideal for relaxation because the entire body lifts off the ground. In the chair and lounge position, your feet rest on the ground, so there isn’t that sensation of being held aloft and is, therefore, less relaxing. However, the chair and lounge positions do well in supporting your neck and back, which is great for watching TV or reading.

Like it’s brother, the traditional bean bag chair, the Moon Pod is low to the ground. This isn’t a problem for spry young things, but if you’re older, you may find you have trouble getting into it and back out again. Additionally, the bean bag can look out of place among living room furniture due to its size and non-traditional shape. However, the size of the Moon Pod means it’s easy to store for when guests come over.

The chair is not made of breathable fabric and tends to trap body heat. This can make its use for prolonged periods of time uncomfortable and use in the warmer months unthinkable. However, the malleable material is like receiving a warm hug, which is extremely comforting. The beads adhere to the shape of your body so that every part of your body that’s touching the pod receives the hug.

The Moon Pod sells for $399. This seems like a fair price when you consider the cost of regular visits to a Floatation Therapy center. Furthermore, good quality bean bags tend to retail for upwards of $100, and as we’ve noted, the Moon Pod offers much more than the traditional bean bag.

If we consider that the Moon Pod offers to reduce a person’s stress and anxiety while providing neck and back support, in addition to being easy to store, then the chair is a worthy investment.

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