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Simply owning an apartment is not enough especially when you wish to rent it out. Tenants love to move into a house that provides maximum comfort. Earlier, people used to buy homes rather than renting.

But with the burgeoning real-estate price and a lifestyle that constantly demands moving, renting an apartment is more suited to the millennials. That means you need to make your rental home tenant ready.

But then comes the financial constraints. You might not always be in a position to spend huge amounts of money.

So, how do you post an ad for your houses for rent?

Well, we have 5 easy ways in which you can upgrade it within budget. Let’s have a look:

1. Add plants: Everyone loves greenery. It not only increases the aesthetic look of the house but also makes it greener. By choosing plants like dracaena, areca palm, rubber plant, and money plant, you can also ensure a good quality of air inside the home.

These plants are excellent for controlling indoor pollution. Choose large pots and hanging pots for diversifying the look. Also, add small succulents to tables. Adding areca palm at the entrance instantly alleviates the atmosphere. You can also go for an upcycled plastic bottle vertical garden.

2. Add wallpapers: Not all tenants love blank and white walls. You can add some life to these walls by using wallpapers. Most eCommerce websites sell easy to stick wallpapers. You can choose the pattern that best goes by your home interior. It will save you the cost of repainting the home.

3. Install ceiling fans: Ceiling fans are no-new in vintage homes. But when the air conditioning took over, it dramatically disappeared. However, when people discover its benefits, it is again making a come-back.

A ceiling fan has dual advantages. First, it saves more energy than the AC. Second, in summer, it recirculates cool breeze and in winter, it recirculates hot air. So it helps maintain optimum home temperature too.

4. Add custom furniture: With so many DIY stores coming up, creating custom furniture is no big deal. Strategically determine the place of the sofa, dining table, and all other furniture. Then craft out extra storage space in that furniture.

Like, you can add tiny magazine shelves at the sides of the sofa. You can add storage underneath the bed. You can have a foldable dining table to save space. This will attract more tenants. After all, lack of proper storage haunts most of them.

5. Add glass windows and doors: Bright sunshine and air change the interior of the home drastically. It also helps in getting mold or unpleasant damp smell. So, instead of having wooden doors and windows, get the glass ones. It will upgrade your home instantly.


Home up-gradation is a tricky task. You need to ensure that it stays within the budget while the tenant finds it perfect for them. It is not necessary to hire an interior designer to change the look. You can do it yourself without spending a fortune. Just have a little creativity and be ready to upcycle things.

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