Sometimes heading off to the countryside for a short getaway is exactly what you need, but it can also be nice to incorporate that rustic vibe into your home. There are a number of easy ways to transform your home into a rural retreat. Here we’ve featured some inspiration on how to create that true rural feel in your home:

1. Change Your Bed Frame

Swapping out your bed is the first step to turning your home into a rural retreat, a wooden frame will be the go-to for most rural homes, and your local furniture shop or online specialists such as the Divan Beds Centre should have plenty to look through to find the perfect fit.

It’s also a good idea to feature plenty of throws and blankets on your bed, for both a statement look and warmth – and as long as it all matches and is comfortable, it’ll be the perfect getaway. Not only will it look cosy, but it’ll feel it too, finish it off by adding in a couple of candles and you’ll love returning to your rural home.

2. Add a Fireplace

If you’re looking to go all out, it’s definitely worth adding in a real fireplace to your home. Many people have electric fireplaces in their living room, but it has nothing on the real thing. Log burners will always make your home feel cosier than ever, especially in the winter. When it’s raining or perhaps even snowing outside, nothing will brighten up your day like throwing a log on the fire.

3. Fill Your Home With Light

Bedroom Light

Look into replacing your windows for larger styles that bring in plenty of light, all year round. A large panel window will give your home the look and feel of a rural retreat. As much as people don’t like to be in the rain, watching and listening to it via a stunning window is often something people enjoy.

4. Add a Contrasting Sofa in the Living Room

Place a chunky sofa in the centre of the living room with a small wooden table in the centre. To make it that little more rural, add two armchairs either side and decorate the sofa and chairs with cushions to finish the look.

5. Feature a Vintage Style Bookcase in the Kitchen

With an old bookshelf in the corner, you’re almost there with the complete rural makeover. Your kitchen will be a far cry from the things you’re used to, given most kitchens now are modern. Before the time of everything being neatly tucked away, there were cabinets and pantries. A lot of rural homes like to keep their kitchens the way they were in a bid to keep their homes classic.

Wooden cupboards, draws and pantries were common and would be your final touch to turning your house into a gorgeous rural retreat. Even luxury cabins keep their old fashioned interior – it’s the only way to go rural.

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