Quit Smoking

Are you ready to quit smoking for good? In the past few years, there’s been a revolution of people quitting smoking in order to lead a healthier life. The health risks of smoking cigarettes are far-reaching and well known. From emphysema to lung cancer, you don’t want to risk your health (and your wallet) to continue a harmful habit.

However, quitting your smoking habit is easier said than done. While some people are able to quickly give up smoking for good, many struggle for weeks, months, or even years, and some continue to smoke even after trying to quit. If you’re ready to make a positive impact on your life, it’s time to give up smoking once and for all. Here’s a guide to quitting smoking while staying healthy and safe.

Quit Smoking

1. Survive Your First Day

Congratulations on deciding to take the first step. Remember nobody’s perfect, and it’s okay if you relapse from time to time. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Any time you go without smoking a cigarette is a success. The most challenging part of this process is surviving your first day.

There are two main steps here: stay busy and avoid triggers. To stay busy, you want to keep your mind off smoking. Try some healthy alternatives instead like exercise, walking, chewing gum, or playing a game on your phone to keep your hands busy.

The second part of surviving your first day is avoiding smoking triggers. There are different for everyone, but there are likely some things that tend to trigger you to want a smoke. These can be people, places, things, or activities. Avoid all of these triggers on your first day. This might mean throwing away all of your cigarettes, ashtrays, and lighters as well as avoiding caffeine. Try to spend time with non-smokers or in places where you’re not allowed to smoke.

2. Look to the Future

While this might sound silly, it’s easier to quit smoking if you recognize that there’s nothing to actually quit. Smoking does nothing for you. It’s a bad habit, and you’re a slave to nicotine. You’re not really “quitting” anything because you’re not giving up a valuable part of your life.

Tell yourself that you’re losing nothing by making this healthy decision. Instead, look forward. You’re only gaining health, happiness, and a little bit of extra cash each week. That’s something to celebrate.

3. Don’t Focus on Withdrawal

Many people fear the withdrawal period when they’re recovering from cigarette smoking. In reality, withdrawal from cigarettes is minor compared to more severe substances. You’re actually in this withdrawal period and experience these symptoms every time you crave a cigarette, only this time you’re just going to let it pass for good.

The entire withdrawal period will pass in a few days. Instead, replace those cravings with something else. Coffee, tea, and even e-cigarettes are a better alternative. When choosing an e-cigarette or vape, there are a wide variety of ejuice flavors to choose from so you can easily replace this habit with a healthier one.

Look for Support

4. Look for Support

Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out for support. You’re not in this alone. It’s okay to look for online communities for support or to talk to your friends and family. In fact, this is a good thing. Tell your family and loved ones your goals. Let them know you’ve given up smoking. Let them hold you accountable.

You won’t miss smoking forever. While it might seem like nicotine has control over you now, this is temporary. You’re changing your relationship with cigarettes, and that might take time, but you’ll come out on the other end.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to give up smoking for good? If so, use these tips above. Take it one day at a time and recognize the positive change you’re making. It’s not easy to give up any habit, let alone one that comes with addiction.

Every time you skip a cigarette, you’re doing yourself a world of good. Make sure you’re staying safe and healthy during this process. It’s not always easy, but it is always possible.


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