Staying Healthy

New Year is the time for resolutions, and also a popular period for traveling. But when traveling for work or pleasure, we often tend to give up our healthy habits, which makes it harder to keep our objectives. We eat out more and eat things we normally wouldn’t. We tend to abandon our workout routines on vacation and we’re too busy to stay active when traveling for work. Yet it is all the more important to stay healthy when you’re on the road, far from your support network. Here are a few travel tips for staying healthy in the New Year.

Moderate Your Drinking

You’ve probably heard the benefits of having one or two glasses of alcohol each evening. What many don’t take into account are the factors that lead to excessive drinking. People tend to drink more than they usually would when traveling. Some do it because they want to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest, while others might do it to decompress at the end of a busy day on business trips. If you want to do your body a favor this year, one of the best things you can do is slow down your alcohol consumption.

Problem drinking hurts your body in a variety of ways. Because the liver is stressed, the fat tends to pile on around the abdomen. Abdominal fat is one of the worst things for your metabolism. This also contributes to the long term effects of alcohol like compromised liver function, heart disease, and pancreatitis. The solution is to monitor your alcohol consumption and always keep it within acceptable limits.

Make the Right Wardrobe Choices

We’re not going to criticize your fashion choices here. Instead, we’re going to discuss the garments that can truly impact your health – underwear. Wear undergarments that give you free movement and are comfortable. Try to find undergarments that allow you to seamlessly switch from workouts to work without trapping sweat against your skin.

Keep up with your Normal Workout Routine

Your mental health improves if you maintain your normal routines while you travel. One way to keep up your routine is to utilize the workout room of any facility you’re staying at. Visiting local gyms could also be a way to meet the locals. Remember that simply getting 20 minutes of activity is enough to help you stay fit and feeling great.

Searching for local classes is more time intensive, but a yoga or tai chi class near a landmark gives you time to take it all in. You could take light equipment with you and workout wherever and whenever your schedule permits.

Get Enough Sleep

It is amazing how many people will lounge by the pool to relax but fail to get enough sleep at night. Or they’ll think that the fitful sleep they had on the flight lets them do without eight hours of sleep in the hotel.

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In reality, you need to set up your schedule so that you have sufficient time for uninterrupted sleep. This will give you more energy, clear your mind, and improve your mood. So, if you want to feel better, make sure that you assess your sleeping habits and get the proper amount of sleep in this new year.


If you want to improve your health while traveling this year, make sure that you follow these few simple tips. Take the time to plan properly, so you won’t have to spend weeks recovering from your vacation and enjoy a better and healthier you once you come back.


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