Marriages are heavenly gifts to cherish forever, but sometimes they go astray. Why?
A lot of couples lead their married life quite enthusiastically while many cannot enjoy this heavenly gift for long. We have worked out ten signs for you to judge for yourself whether or not your marriage bond has gotten too weak to prolong anymore. Here we go with our strong observations.

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1. You feel you are living like a single person

You feel you are living like a single person

Despite being married, if you prefer to spend your time, quite often or regularly, hanging out in singles clubs, singles bars, other singles destinations, or if you enjoy talking with the opposite gender knowing they are single, this is a red flag to your married life. When you start feeling contented while imagining and planning your activities as a single person, you are sure to have developed signs of sheer disrespect towards your spouse. Once there comes mutual disrespect growing between the two life partners, the marriage loses its spirit and is likely to come to an end.

2. You feel you live together but do not share a mutual life

You feel you live together but do not share a mutual life

There is a big difference between living together and sharing a life with someone. Unfortunately, if you have started feeling that your spouse is more like your “roommate”, this is a clear sign that your marriage might soon be coming to a close. Under such a drastic situation, you will not feel hurt even if you imagine him or her living with someone else. It will appear to you just like your roommate has shifted to another room.

3. You imagine your future and plan your goals sans your spouse

Imagining a prosperous future together and setting and planning high goals for it is a normal sign of a happy marriage. If you find all this missing in your case, be sure that your marriage-bond has already broken somewhere on the way. When life partners think and plan their goals without getting to a single page and caring for the reciprocal needs and desires, this is a sure sign that their marriage is just going to be dissolved.

4. No hugging, no cuddling

No hugging, no cuddling

Couples are supposed to be living a normal matrimonial life as well. All this is what a marriage stands for. The real charm of married life is to have a deep and peaceful romance with your spouse and if you are not in such a mode of married life, this is a definite sign of a poor marriage bond that may break any way at any time. When you don’t like or prefer to have sex with your spouse anymore, you never think to prolong your marriage. Instead, you wait when this link is going to break permanently.

5. You want to cheat your spouse with an emotional affair

If you have developed a mindset over the months to talk with or text message someone else and if it also gives you mental and spiritual satisfaction to do so, it shows that your marriage is heading for an ending. When you don’t prefer to talk and share things with your spouse and want to cheat on him or her even with an emotional affair, there is nothing left in your marital bliss.

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6. You want to make major money moves secretly

This may also be the case that you want to deal with all the money matters independently without letting your spouse know about your moves. If this is so, you are in a state of mind to let your marriage dissolve as soon as possible. Sharing the financial or economic side of things shows great trust in your spouse and strengthens the mutual bond even more and vice versa.

7. Both of you don’t prefer to go to therapy

Observing that your marriage is crumbling before your very eyes and still neither of you is ready to consult with some therapist or free marriage counseling online gives a surefire sign that this marriage is going downhill fast. If neither of you likes to fix the issues, how can you proceed along anymore? So, this is the worst sign when a marriage is about to break.

8. Whenever you talk, you fight

Whenever you talk, you fight

There never seems a normal talk going on between you two. Either you don’t talk with each other at all or you start fighting, using rash words or even abusing each other furiously. This phase of married life indicates that everything has got finished in your minds and this fact will soon be made public as well.

9. You constantly feel you are drained

If you feel that you are emotionally and physically drained whenever you are with your spouse, this is a sure sign that your marriage bond has got badly hit. Rather, I should say your marriage has got over when you start feeling depleted or drained in the company of your spouse.

10. Whenever you get upset, you jump to the idea of divorce

Whenever there arises minor or major issues between you two and you get upset even on trifles and if divorce is the only solution that jumps to your mind during such a phase, this is a strong indication that your marriage is already over. This is the confirming sign that your marriage is no longer there.

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