Smartphone Care Tips

Your phone is an extension of yourself. Chances are, everywhere you go, your device will be right there in your pocket waiting to be used. Smartphones are becoming the go-to for everything from checking your bank account to updating social media to settling sports trivia disputes, and are quickly taking over the roles of cameras, computers, and calculators.

But how do you take care of your device to ensure it lasts for a long time and doesn’t die on you when you need it the most? It is all about preventative maintenance, so here are some smartphone care tips to keep your phone going strong.

Seven Pro Smartphone Care Tips

Don’t use it when it’s Charging

Using your phone when it is charging can be harmful to the battery; smartphone batteries generate heat when charging and when running apps. Too much heat at one time can overwork the battery and deplete its efficiency in the long term. This is why your phone charging cables tend to be so short. The manufacturers are hoping to discourage this practice.

Charge without an Outlet

You’ll get the fastest charge when you use a charging device that doesn’t use an outlet. Think of those small, handheld portable chargers, or even chargers that connect directly to your phone and act as a case.

Go into Airplane Mode

Think that it is OK to keep your phone on when you’re not using it? Think again. Multiple apps running in the background will just drain the battery and clog up your device. This also goes for your WiFi, Bluetooth, and LTE signal, so it is best to turn your phone on airplane mode when you’re not using it. Make this a habit, and you’ll notice a longer battery life and a cheaper data bill.

Keep your Phones off other Gadgets

It may be simple to stack all of your gadgets on top of each other, but this can hurt your phone and increase the potential of overheating. To eliminate this risk, keep all of your computers, tablets, phones, and e-readers separate from each other.

Put your Weather Forecast Front and Center

Always checking the weather? Take a screenshot and set it as your lock screen at the beginning of every week. This way you won’t have to open up your phone every time you’re curious about the clouds outside. You can also use this hack if you are using an online recipe or a tutorial to keep your hands free!

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Use a Selfie Stick and look in new Places

With the right selfie stick and forward facing camera, you can use your phone as a type of search tool when looking in unfamiliar places. Simply use it as a mirror or camera when you are turning corners or looking up high at places where you can’t reach.

Use Memory Management Software

Your phone may not have as much storage as you’d like, so what do you do with all of those photo, video, and music files when your phone is full? Investing in a memory management software is a perfect solution to keeping everything you love without having to painstakingly go through every app and photo.

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If something goes wrong and you can’t seem to fix it, fear not because providers like iCracked specialize in cell phone repairs. Whether it is because you keep your phone in your pocket for too long, drop it in the sink, jam a charging cable in the charging port, or crack your screen, your smartphone goes through a lot. Protect your phone and keep it working properly by following these tips and tricks, and your phone will be able to withstand the rough and tumble life you give it.

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