In the age of the “new normal,” individuals and businesses alike have both found different ways to combat the COVID-19 virus. Safety protocols such as social distancing, personal protective equipment and staying home have all been part of everyone’s lives by now — and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But for the many people choosing to carry on with their lives from their homes, there are also different ways to stay safe from the virus. From regular sanitation to practicing good hygiene, we present 15 ways to keep you and your home germ-free.

1. Clean and Disinfect All High-traffic Areas in Your Home on a Regular Basis

From your entryways to your porch and all the way up to your kitchen, all high-traffic areas must always be disinfected regularly to curb the spread of germs and viruses. This includes spritzing disinfectant spray over doorknobs, handles and countertops. But more than the act of spraying, it’s best to go at each surface with a clean cloth and a floor mop. This way, you’ll have an even bigger chance of eradicating harmful pathogens before they even enter your home.

2. Only Use Your Clothes Once and Wash Them Immediately Afterwards

Using your clothes more than once is already a thing of the past. As soon as the pandemic started, it is now highly recommended to only use your favorite pair of pants or go-to tee once before washing it in the laundry. The reason for this is that viruses can live on the surface of these fabrics for days, increasing the risk infection if left dirty and unwashed. This holds even more weight if you spent an entire day outside running errands. For good practice, store all your “dirty” clothes in a hamper by the entryway as soon as you arrive home and wash it within the day right away.

3. Disinfect Your Mobile Phones and Keys Every Day

We use our mobile phones so often that it’s hard to keep track how many times we’ve laid our fingers on it. This also goes for our home, car or office keys. With every use, we are passing different types of germs to these items, making ourselves and those around us more vulnerable to getting infected by common illnesses and viruses. To prevent that from happening, make sure to disinfect your mobile phones and keys every day. Whether it’s by wiping them with alcohol wipes or using a UV sanitation box, what’s important is that they are eliminated of any germs. For best results, do this before and after you leave your house.

4. Change and Wash Your Sheets Regularly

Gone are the days of changing and washing your sheets once every two weeks or worse, once a month. To make sure you’re getting a germ-free good night’s sleep, change your sheets at least twice or thrice a week. Apart from eliminating an accumulation of germs, you can also achieve better skin complexion if you change your sheets regularly. Sounds like a good double whammy, right?

5. Leave All Shoes Outside the House

Whether you like it or not, shoes must now be left outside the house to minimize the chances of germs from entering your home. If you’re a person who has to run outside for errands, always remember to place them in a rack by the porch or anywhere that is safe from making contact with anything and anyone at home. Yes, it’s hard to kick out your beloved kicks outside your house, but it’s just a small sacrifice to make to keep you and your loved ones safe.

6. Clean and Maintain Your Appliances Regularly

Whether it’s the refrigerator, the television, or your room’s air conditioner, maintaining cleanliness among your electronics is a great way to minimize germs from taking shelter in your home. Simply wipe and spritz on each appliance with an appliance cleaner every day to do the trick. However, if you’re doing a deep and thorough clean into each machine, it’s best to contact a professional servicing company. From an aircon cleaning service to a refrigerator defrosting expert, all you have to do is book one online and let them do their magic.

7. Sanitize the Kitchen Sponge After Every Use

Kitchen sponges are one of the biggest hotbeds for bacteria and germs in the house. Because they are naturally wet, moist and warm, they serve as the perfect host to anything that could threaten your health. That’s why it’s important to sanitize the sponge after every use. Simply use a solution made out of bleach and water to clean the sponge thoroughly. Rinse it well afterwards and let it dry on a clean surface. It’s also best to change the kitchen sponge frequently to avoid more germs from spreading.

8. Keep Your Toothbrush in a Dry and Sanitized Cabinet

Ever heard of toilet plumes? These are the dispersal of invisible, microscopic particles after flushing a toilet. Now imagine if your toothbrush is left in the open air for these plumes to stick on after every flush. Disgusting, right? Keep your toothbrush tucked away in a dry and clean bathroom cabinet to avoid this from happening. For best results, always make sure that your toothbrush is dry before placing it back inside the cabinet.

9. Clean Every Item in the Kitchen After Every Use

Did you know that the chopping board in your kitchen alone holds more bacteria and germs than some of the items combined? This is because a lot of pathogens are known to hide in leafy vegetables and raw fruits, thereby passing them onto the surface of the board. Along with this item, it’s best to disinfect everything that you use after you prepare a meal. This includes the utensils, bowls and pans that are always used on a daily basis.

10. Place a Hand Disinfectant Solution by the Entryway

Like every other establishment you’ve visited during the pandemic, you can install an alcohol or hand sanitizer by the door before you even make your way in. Simply build a makeshift bottle container using a table or a stick and place it by your gate or doorway. To help you remember it, you can even place a sign by the door that says “Sanitize before entering” or “Disinfect first before anything else.” Not a bad way to get everyone extra clean right?

11. Wash Your Hands Regularly

As much as you want to deny it, you are one of the biggest carriers of germs out there. So it is always important to make sure you are doing your part to not only keep yourself safe, but also the people around you. How do you make this happen? By washing your hands regularly. For good measure, lather up a good bubble of soap and rub your hands for 20-30 seconds. Rinse it well with clean water afterwards.

12. Install an Air Cleaner or Purifier

Imagine staying relaxed all day with your favorite scent while inhaling clean and pure air. For the uninitiated, it may sound far-fetched but for the air cleaner connoisseur, it’s a match made in heaven. In these unprecedented times, seeking for comfort and safety doesn’t seem much like an impractical idea anymore. So why not consider splurging on an air cleaner or purifier to keep the air you breathe at home extra clean? There are a lot of available machines being sold online — from different sizes to different colors and styles, choosing one is entirely possible in a matter of seconds!

13. Look After You Pets Responsibly

If you’re living with a pet, it should be your responsibility to take extra care of them during this pandemic. Pets are one of the biggest carriers of dirt and germs that can affect humans. When left unchecked and uncared for, your pet can wreak havoc by spreading these germs all over your home. To avoid this from happening, consider giving them a bath at least once or twice a week and to give them the potty training outside the house. Their litter boxes and food bowls must also be cleaned every day to eliminate the risk of germs from attaching themselves to these surfaces.

14. Ditch the Clutter and Learn to Organize

Keeping everything clean and organized is a good way to combat the spread of germs around your house. While no one wants to clean after tons of scattered toys or clothes every day, keeping this practice while in quarantine is a sure way to minimize dust and dirt from forming around the house. Apart from that, you can also extend the discipline to your kids during this period. By having a neat and extra organized space, everyone will be mindful of cleaning after their own mess.

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15. Stay at Home and Practice Good Hygiene

You’ve probably heard this tip hundreds of times by now but it begs to be repeated over and over again: stay at home and practice good hygiene. When you stay at home and practice cleaning habits, the chances of you contracting viruses are significantly made lower. Now imagine if everyone follows suit and does the same. We’d be one step closer to going back to our own definition of normal before all of this even started.

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