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Nobody wants to consider the possibility that they may get injured, hospitalized or extremely sick when taking a trip or long vacation. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone, and it is difficult to plan for when you are never sure of the risks of accidents or illnesses. There is only so much research or preparation you can do when it comes to falling ill or having an accident, which is why it is even more important to know precisely what to do  after the fact to best look after your own health, wellbeing and even your finances.

Here is a guide for what to do should you fall ill or get injured in another country.

Get Advice as Soon as Possible

If you are beginning to feel ill or suffer with any symptoms, it is important not to ignore them. You may not want anything to disrupt your vacation, but having a professional opinion as soon as possible will help you to remain protected. Therefore, find your nearest pharmacy or speak with your accommodation managers to gain advice on where to go.

Arrange Medical Transport if Needed

Becoming severely ill or injured abroad, such as in a situation where you have been hospitalized, may cause difficulties for your flight home. It may be that you need a medically-assisted flight to ensure your safety, and some doctors may not be able to discharge you without you having arranged air medical transport for your journey home.

Therefore, you may need to arrange this service for the good of your health and travel clearance.

Remain Inside and Rest

Even if you are not hospitalized and your illness is not the most severe, it is important to give yourself time to recover. If you continue with your intended vacation plans, not only do you risk your illness or injury worsening, but you may even put others at risk if your illness is contagious.

It can be extremely difficult and disappointing to cancel plans, but your health comes first — especially in a foreign country.

Inform Anyone Back Home

This is particularly important if you are traveling alone. You need to make sure somebody knows what has happened to you, whether a friend or family member. You might not yet know how your injury or illness is going to progress, so it is important to let somebody close to you know of the situation.

Bonus Tips: Preventative Measures

  • Keep a list of emergency contacts stored in your phone for your trip
  • Research into the nearest doctors and medical facilities for your intended destination
  • Save extra funds for anything unexpected
  • Research the risks of your intended location before travel, such as whether you need a vaccination or high-risk health factors
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially with food and restaurants which may make you ill

Falling Ill Abroad: A Summary

Becoming ill or injured in an unknown country can be a scary experience. Trying to navigate the healthcare system in a new country is an extra pressure you have to deal with during a time of pain or illness, so it is important to prepare as much as possible ahead of time and know what you would do in this situation.


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