It is not easy to have a serious talk with your teenager kids to discuss about Dangers of Drinking. It gets awkward when you have to talk about drugs, drinking with your grown-up kids. It is a daunting task but parents have to do it for stopping their kids and Tell them Dangers of Drinking. They cannot skip and avoid these conversations. So how this sensitive subject can be better addressed? You can talk to your kids about the dangers of alcohol and drinking by following below-mentioned tips:

Talking to Your Teens About the Dangers of Drinking

No doubt, this social lubricant has become an essential part of any teen. Teen drinking is on the extreme rise and not enough has been done to stop it. It has a become a norm. Maximum teenagers love to drink because this social lubricant gives them an avenue to feel mature. Each year around 4300 people who come under age 21 dies because of alcohol consumption. Now more deaths are occurring because of underage teen drinking as compared to teen drug use. People consuming alcohol for a long time are likely to become a cancer patient.

Planning Ahead

Parents should do proper planning before they start this important conversation. Proper planning will give a sense to your conversation. Do cover all points in your discussion which is about teen drinking. Initiate a conversation with your kid on this topic rather than making it a lecture. Encourage your kid to remain open in this conversation. Let him ask questions about drinking.

Talking about Drinking Risks

You have to give an honest truth to your teen that how much harmful this habit is for him! Before you explain them all risks, you should research the facts and then share it with your teen. Many teens think that it is important to drink at parties. So you should destroy this myth which is present in the mind of your teen.

Initiating an Open Dialogue

Try to initiate an open dialogue with your teen on this sensitive topic. Remain calm while you are in a conversation with your teen because you might hear some stuff that can make you angry. Do not punish him. Resist and avoid the urge to yell at him. You can politely tell your kids that why his drinking choice is dangerous for him. It can be hard to get accustomed to, but as your kids become teenagers, drinking if something that they will experiment with at one point or another. According to a recent article from Daniel Wong, one of the best ways to deal with a disrespectful teenager is to try and understand that your teenager is developing independence. Shutting them down and banning certain actions without talking to them will only cause teenagers to rebel, which could possibly put them in a more dangerous situation.

Setting Rules and Expectations

Parents should remain clear while setting rules and expectations for their teens. Simply tell him that you cannot tolerate this drinking habit. Do list down and mention the consequences which your teen will face upon breaking these rules. Set boundaries for your teen.

The controlling attitude of parents towards teen alcohol consumption habit can make a big difference. Parents can easily prevent their children from consuming alcohol. Damage to childhood and chaos at home are the main causes which let teens to excessively use alcohol. Moreover, students who have extra money are likely to drink more. This drinking habit is common among those students who have a will and also financial means. We should stop our teens and help them to make more educated decisions and set a good example for themselves.


  1. The teen drinking problem is terrifying. It is a real challenge to talk to teens about alcohol in a realistic way… especially when drinking is prevalent in society around them. I agree that having an open conversation and setting clear rules are probably the best strategy to keep our teenagers from drinking… but there will always be outside pressure on them. Thank you, Ben, for this thought provoking post.


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