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Given dogs can sleep nearly anywhere in the house; some dog owners don’t see the need to find a designated sleeping area for their furry friends. Perhaps this piece may convince them to change their attitude. For dog fans keen on buying a dog bed for their canine, we’re happy to share a few tips on choosing the best possible bed – given the broad range of dog beds available.

1. Consider your Dog’s Size

How would it feel sleeping in a baby crib? Terrible obviously. You’d wake up feeling tired and incapable of stretching correctly. The same happens to your dog when left to sleep in an under-sized crib.

Take measurements of your dog and present them at the pet store or take your dog with you and let it lie in a few beds. This way pretty much guarantees you’ll find the most suitable bed. Also, consider the internal measurement to ensure the bed is slightly larger than the dog’s size – keep in mind the pet may need to stretch as it sleeps.

2. Consider your Pet’s Unique Needs

Similar to us, dogs do have special needs which may stem from a unique sleeping behavior or health condition. In such cases, pick a bed that addresses these individual needs.
Supposing your dog suffers from joint pains or arthritis, we recommend you acquire an orthopedic bed. These beds feature a comforting high-density memory foam which alleviates aches.

For persons with dogs prone to allergies, we recommend beds made of poly-fiber or pure natural cotton filling material to curb the likelihood of allergic reactions. Reportedly, many dog owners complain of allergic reactions when their dogs sleep on cedar chip filling owing to being they’re unwashable.

Supposing your canine has long hair and you happen to reside in a warm area, consider buying a dog bed comprising of a cooling pad or mesh. A cooling bed for dogs is designed to prevent your pet from overheating while asleep.

Consider acquiring a rectangular or rounded pillow-type bed if your dog tends to stretch a lot in its sleep to offer more room for stretching. If your dog curls up as it sleeps, a bumper bed remains the best solution.

3. Wash Ability

Owning a clean dog means reduced visits to the vet. You’ll also feel proud of possessing a healthy looking dog – and perhaps become the envy of your neighbors. Grooming your pet starts from its sleeping environment. Consequently, it’s imperative that pick a bed that’s easy to clean, preferably, a full washer and dryer- friendly one.

In case you require a large bed owing to your dog’s size, consider purchasing one with removable zip-off covers. These beds are easy to clean as you only need to remove their covers and wash everything separately.

In summary, there isn’t a one size fits all dog bed. Find a bed best suited for the uniqueness of your dog’s size and mannerisms. We believe with what we’ve shared; you’re in a better place to choose a bed well –suited to your dog.

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