5 Designer Tips and Tricks on How to Pick the Perfect Color for Your Space

Wall Paint Tips

Choosing the perfect color may sound daunting when there are hundreds of paint swatches and tiles to choose from. Luckily for you, those options are actually helpful. By complementing colors and pulling inspiration from items that are already in your home, you can create the perfect look. Simply follow these five simple tips and tricks.

1. Bedroom

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One thing to keep in mind is to decorate from light to dark. Whether it’s flooring, bedding, walls or ceiling, each of these elements is important. If your bedroom has great natural lighting, take advantage of it. It’s going to help brighten up the space and enhance your chosen colors. Going from light to dark shouldn’t be an issue, just keep the light colors on the floor and ceiling. This way, you create a vertical perception that emphasizes the height and depth of the space. Choose colors like cool blue tones for a serene and relaxing ambience. Using varying shades of the same color palette will create a sense of continuity and flow within the space.

2. Kitchen

Simple and super stylish, gray and white the “go-to” safe colors of the year. Because these colors are so universal, they pair very well with any kitchen hardware. Create a chic kitchen by painting your cabinets with muted grays and pairing them with silver or gold hardware. Choosing colors don’t always mean paint. Tile colors play a big role in defining a kitchen’s look. Soft gray herringbone tiles, for one, are visually pleasing. They create a nice flow effect and help to connect your eyes to the view outside or to the living room. Tile color (and design) is a great option for your kitchen’s color scheme.

“Keep things simple,” says Darla Powell, Interior Designer of Darla Powell Interiors. She also suggests incorporating organic elements such as indoor plants into the space. By keeping your wall clear of any bright hues and clutter, you can play with the space by using kitchen accessories to help add that pop of color.

3. Living Room

Sometimes the best way to choose the right paint swatches is by pulling colors from your home decor pieces or upholstery. If you have soft solid colored upholstery like cream, beige or bluish-gray, apply the same hue to your walls. Anything that contrasts with the soft color will become an accent. This will allow any piece to stand out on its own without overwhelming the space. If you need that pop of color, printed pillows are always great to pull inspiration from. Select your favorite hue from the pillows to use as the color to paint the entire room or small sections to help highlight certain areas. Living rooms with recess shelvings, fireplaces and bay windows are perfect to apply this look.

4. Bathroom


Two-toned bathrooms are trending and clearly making a statement. When it comes to this trend, it’s all about basic colors and beautiful tile designs. You can approach this style by firstly complementing your tiles with your wall color. You can either go bright and vibrant for a major dose of personality or choose saturated hues for a light-filled room with soothing effect. To help break up those two tone colors, use pencil liners as dividers without fully separating the two hue. Use earth tone colors in the bathroom like green and brown to help you unwind and relax. Try placing your favorite wall art with similar tones, but remember to keep the color harmony.

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5. Entryway

For a small pop of color and inviting home, paint your door. It’s a creative and inexpensive way to instantly update your entryway. Choose colors like yellow for a huge statement and vibrant energy. It will brighten up the space and create the most beautiful focal point in your home. Looking for something classic and elegant? Try a deep rich navy colored door. This style takes dark and bold to the next level. Harmonize the look with brass or solid colored hardware. Lightly sand down the color for a gorgeous vintage look.

So if you think choosing the perfect color is difficult, consider looking into what you already have and how you can enhance it. What are your tips and tricks on how to pick the perfect color? We would love to read all about it.

About the author: Lucy Parker is the Resident Design Consultant at HomeDecorAZ.com. When she’s not busy helping clients with interior design projects, Lucy writes blog posts related to home décor. She’s also a foodie who loves traveling and enjoys movies (except horror).


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