Helpful Tips for Working from Home

2020 has seen many people being forced to retreat from their usual office environment and adjust to working from home instead. While there are many perks to working remotely, it has been hard for a lot of people to make the change, especially when there are additional limitations that confine them to the house even more. If you are someone who has had to swap a city center office for your kitchen table and are still struggling to cope, here are some helpful tips you can use.

Create a Separate Workspace

The first thing you need to do is create a separate workspace from the rest of your home. Set up a desk in the corner of your living room or use your dining table. It’s better if you can set up your home office in an area of the home that’s quiet, and where you won’t be disturbed if you’re living with a partner or children. This will help you avoid distractions and focus on your work. Try to recreate your desk from your previous office with the same photos or plants to help imitate the working environment you used to.

Get into a Routine

A lot of people working remotely are still expected to log on to their business networks by a certain time, and if that’s the case for you, this will help you in terms of a routine. However, if this hasn’t been a requirement for you, it’s up to you to create a routine and stick to it. When you don’t have to get up, washed, and dressed before making your commute, it’s easy to lie in bed for an extra hour, or start your work later in the morning or early afternoon. If that works for you, that’s great, but just make sure you’re clocking in the usual hours you would at the office each day to keep on top of your work.

Motivate Your Team

Motivating yourself each day is one thing, but if you’re a business owner or manage a team, you will need to focus on keeping others on track, too. It can be difficult to do this virtually, but it’s essential that your team is happy, healthy, and keeping up with productivity. Look at for some useful tips and ideas on how you can keep your team motivated and engaged while working remotely.

Get Out When You Can

You might be trying to limit how often you leave the house at the moment, and that’s understandable. However, it’s a good idea to get out for a short walk around the block once every day or two. The fresh air will help you clear your head, and getting out of the same surroundings will help to boost your morale and reset yourself. Make sure you’re not staying cooped up inside for too long, otherwise this could harm your mental health.

This year has been challenging for everyone and it could have changed how businesses operate for good. If you’re still finding it difficult to focus and work well from home, consider the tips above and whether or not they could help you make the experience a better one.


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