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Thousands of Americans have had to postpone their wedding plans this year, but that doesn’t mean couples aren’t still making plans, relying on online services, or getting engaged. Currently, around half a million weddings originally planned for Spring 2020 have been rescheduled to 2021, but as noted by AlJazeera, brides and grooms are taking the time to plan every detail of their ceremony to perfection – including ring styles. Engagement rings are traditionally worn for a lifetime, so it makes sense to choose something that is in line with your personal tastes. However, it can’t hurt to find a little inspiration in current trends as well.

Understated Solitaires

The penchant for simple engagement rings has been hitting hard over the past few years, as can be gleaned from the engagement ring of top fashion influencer, Chiara Ferragni. It essentially involves giving the center stage to the main stone itself, with little embellishment on the band. Ferragni’s ring is a round, white-gold solitaire diamond, held in place by six claws and perched upon an elegant band graced with delicate diamonds.

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold ring

White and platinum gold are still the big sellers in the engagement ring game, but yellow gold has made a definite comeback, especially among millennials and older Gen Z’ers. Meghan Markle is said to have sparked the yellow gold trend, as her engagement ring was set in this metal. However, everyone from hip-hop stars like Cardi B to fashion models like Emily Ratajokowski is showing their preference for yellow gold and big diamonds.

Hidden Halos

This ring type sees pavé diamonds adorning the metal wire on the ring’s basket. It fits in with modern idea of minimalism since it doesn’t wrest from the beauty of the main stone. Rather, it adds a touch of delicate sparkle that enables light to reflect off the ring from more angles. This setting has very much taken over the traditional halo, which gives great importance to the smaller diamonds that surround the main (usually round-shaped) stone.

Three-Stoned Rings

This ring shape hadn’t been seen in a couple of decades, but it is officially back, thanks once again to the dazzler chosen by Megan Markle. You will now be seeing more ring designs featuring three large rocks. Expect to find everything from triple halos to round and square trios that extend the sparkle to the entire width of your finger. For a crisp take on this trend, consider a trio emerald-cut solitaire ring, which is elegant and exclusive, while steering clear of the bling afforded by smaller diamonds.

Wedding receptions may have been postponed, but love is still in the air, and that means that couples are getting engaged and planning their wedding for some time next year. When it comes to your engagement ring, finding a style that suits your personality and tastes is key. You can also find inspiration in trends, some of which include simple solitaires, the use of yellow gold, hidden halos, and three-stoned stunners.

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