How to Track My Child’s iPhone without Them Knowing - can i track my child's iphone without them knowing for free

The kids’ safety is always the number one concern of any parents. Surely, they want their kids to be always safe at all times. There are some solutions to how to track kids’ iPhones, which we’ll explain shortly.

If this is your first time using a monitoring app, no need to worry, we’ll walk you through it. There’s nothing better than monitoring apps when it comes to supervising. And here, we already have one recommendation on how to track my son’s iphone and we’ll gladly introduce it to you.

Tracking Your Kid’s iPhone with mSpy

As a simple yet very effective solution to track a child’s iPhone, the monitoring apps can be your best option. Nowadays, there are lots of them on the internet, and the number keeps growing. But if you’re looking for an app that can do it all, the answer would be mSpy.

The process to track kids iPhone can be done in a much simpler way through this application. mSpy is known to be one of the best monitoring apps thanks to its useful functionality. Below are some of its best abilities that you may use to ensure your kids’ safety:

• With mSpy, you can easily monitor your kids’ activities and know their whereabouts.

• Using GPS technology, you can easily track your kids’ location with a straightforward and intuitive dashboard.

• mSpy also has a feature called GeoFencing, which enables a certain warning if your kid’s phone is entering or leaving the boundaries.

• mSpy can work in stealth mode, so it won’t bother your kid’s phone functionalities.
With tons of features to offer, no wonder people often regard mSpy as the best spying or monitoring app. Aside from knowing your kid’s whereabouts, you can also use mSpy to keep them safe by preventing mature content and monitoring social media.

Tracking Your Kid’s iPhone with eyeZy

Another app that you may use as a solution to how I can track my son’s iPhone without him knowing is eyeZy. It’s another great app to monitor target phones and gain information from within.

Similar to mSpy, eyeZy also uses GPS technology for location monitoring. The thing is, the app also enables the feature to pinpoint the location of the target phone on the map. You can see the location in real-time and history-based. See where your kid is going throughout the whole day.

If you see a place that looks suspicious or inappropriate, you can ask your kid about it and prevent something bad from happening to them.

The app is also praised for its high accuracy that’s obtained through the marriage between advanced Wi-fi technology and geolocation.

Tracking Your Child’s Phone for Free

Before explaining to you the alternatives, we want to tell you that it’s possible to track locations for free. If you’re asking about “how to track my daughter’s iPhone location without making any payments?” This could be your solution.

However, please understand that there are a few drawbacks you need to compromise. Remember, the method is free.

Google Find My Device

The first free method you can do to access tracking my kid on iPhone is by using Google Find My Device. Have you heard about this before?

Just as the name implies, the Find My Device feature will let users find any device, especially the one beyond their reach. People usually use this in case their phone gets lost somewhere at home. You can also use this method to track your kid’s phone, although you still need physical access to get the Google account details.

Find My iPhone

Another free method to track your childs iPhone is by using Find My iPhone. Similar to the option above, this feature will allow you to track the target phone’s location. But still, you’ll need the iCloud account details in order for this to work.


Monitoring your kid’s activities may prevent something bad from happening to them. To do so, we highly recommend using the monitoring apps since they’re easy to use and have better features. Although they come with a price, each dollar wouldn’t be in vain.


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