Wasted Areas at Home

Space, everyone wants it, and most think the only way to get more is to pack up and upgrade to an even bigger home.

But before listing your property to sell. There could be an easier and cheaper alternative.

You may not realize it yet, but it’s likely your home is full of wasted areas that you can transform to suit your home-living needs.

For those wanting some guidance on where to look, let’s begin.

What About the Attic?


The attic, it’s a classic example in most homes of unused space. Most will only ever see it a couple of times a year to collect seasonal decor. Yet, this could be the perfect location for you to put to good use.

For example, the attic could be the ideal setup for a mini library, art room, or even another bedroom.

Of course, you’ll need an expert to inspect the structural integrity of the attic. Plus, if there’s asbestos present, it’s wise to hire a specialist to remove it, as it could be detrimental to your health.

But chances are investing in those things will be far cheaper than moving home to acquire, for example, an additional bedroom. As such, converting the attic space is certainly worth considering.

Outdoor Space

Suppose most of the year, the weather near you is generally chilly or rainy. It’s likely your garden is unused most of the time.

But, with a few alterations to the outdoors, what is predominantly a wasted outdoor space could become a unique, choice location to unwind and socialize.

For example, by converting unused outside containers into valuable space and shelter. And adding a few luxury items, such as fairy lights, comfy seating, heavy throws, and outdoor heaters. The garden could become your new perfect escape.

The Guest Room

To make more space in the home, sometimes we need to ask ourselves whether the original purpose of each room is being fulfilled.

For example, if the guest room has only been used twice in the past few years. You might want to change the role of the room into something you need.

Be it a space to practice yoga. A game room. Or even a cinema room.

Guest Room settings

And this idea goes for any room in the house that is no longer being utilized as much. Whether it’s the dining room or the conservatory if they’re no longer offering much to you, transform them.

The Space Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs may not have yet occurred to you. But this little area has a lot of potential. And can, with a small budget, add an extra dimension to your home.

Here a few options of what you can do with the location under the stairs.

Create a Mini Cloakroom

Create a cabinet that covers the vicinity of the gap and make it into a mini cloakroom. Here you can store jackets, shoes, bags and so forth.

Build Your Pets’ A Room

For those with a pet pooch or two, you could use the space to create a mini room dedicated to them under the stairs. A bit of paint to brighten up the area and some warm fuzzy bedding and toys will give your pets a quiet and private room to play and unwind.

Design A Home Office Space

For those working or running a business from home, office space is a must. And where better to create a functional working space than in the nook under the stairs. home office decor

By adding a desk, some drawers, and a comfy chair, plus some pictures, trinkets, and a lamp, the often-awkward area under the stairs could become the ideal space to work.

Transform the Basement

Basements may seem to most like a gloomy, dark place which is mainly associated with thriller movies. But the room below your living quarters could be so much more.

A good clear out, opening the window hatch and adding some paint to the walls. Could transform an often-ignored part of the home into a second lounge area, at-home gym, or [insert room here].

As readers can see, there’s no need to feel frustrated over their home’s perceived lack of space. The truth is you probably have more than you think!

Hopefully, the ideas above have provided a few areas to consider changing. Or otherwise, lightbulb moments of other spaces that could benefit from being transformed.

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