Winter Blues

When the temperatures plummet and the nights grow longer, some people find that their mood deteriorates, and they feel pretty down.

Medical experts have proved that a lack of sunshine and fewer days spent outdoors can have a negative effect on a person’s state of mind. If you experience the winter blues at this time of year, read on for some tips on how to fight the frosty feelings.

Keep Cozy

The obvious way to warm yourself up is to wear some warm clothes.

When autumn rears its russet head, think about treating yourself to some fabulous fall outerwear so you can look stylish while keeping toasty warm. When you know you look great on the outside, you will feel better on the inside, so lap up the compliments and appreciative looks you will get from passers-by.

Soft and sumptuous fabrics such as faux fur, angora wool, mohair, and fleece feel fabulous against bare skin, so look for clothes made from these fabrics and swaddle yourself in comfort.

Seek the Sun

Always ensure you spend some time outdoors during the winter months, even if the weather is dire. The body needs vitamin D from the sun, and fresh air and exercise are great for the lungs and our well-being.

If you really cannot stand the winter months, you may want to consider traveling to warmer climes on an extended holiday. Save up your annual leave at work so that you can spend the majority of the cold months in a tropical paradise.

Don’t Get SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder is the medical term for the winter blues and affects millions of people of all ages every year. The symptoms of this condition include lethargy, overeating, irritability, sleep problems, and depression.

Some people find that a lightbox can ease the symptoms of SAD. Lightboxes and light therapy lamps give out light at least ten times the intensity of ordinary domestic lighting. They are known to alleviate negative feelings in a person exposed to the rays for at least 3 hours per day.

Comfort Food

In cold weather, many people turn to foods high in sugar and carbohydrates to suppress negative emotions. Although we need some carbs, it is crucial to maintain a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables, so get the big soup pot out and make some delicious warming soups and stews full of fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices.

Amuse Your Mind

Take up a hobby to stop you from dwelling on the dark and cold outside. Put a lighthearted movie on or some uplifting music and get knitting, crocheting, or sewing a winter quilt for your child’s bed. Get the whole family involved in completing a complicated jigsaw or play some entertaining board games.

Huddle and Cuddle

Nothing beats cuddling your loved one of a squishy sofa in front of a roaring log fire. Hot chocolate and cream needn’t just be for Christmas Day, so invite some friends and family over, throw another log on the fire and enjoy some festive movies while toasting marshmallows.

Remember, winter doesn’t last forever, so just make sure you keep warm and healthy and surround yourself with people you love – Spring is just around the corner!

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