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What are you doing to make the Coronavirus lockdown a productive one? Are you like everyone on social media using it to learn cooking, or build your triceps?

Or are you using the time to develop a new professional skill, earn a decent side income and prepare for the difficulties that lie ahead?

If you were smart, you would probably be doing the latter. In this article, we look at five successful work from home gigs, which can help you, earn handsomely during the lockdown.

Please bear in mind, that any of these options do not involve extensive education, techniques or knowledge. So what are we waiting for? Let us get productive during the lockdown.

4 Great Income Earning Opportunities during the Lockdown: The List

1. Start a Simple WordPress Blog about your Passions-

The lockdown has done one good thing- it has made most of us start reading. You might have been thinking about starting a blog for the longest time, but never got the time to do so. Well now you do! Start blogging about your passion- tech, auto, nature, wildlife, pets, fashion, food, etc.

All you need to do is set up a simple WordPress website, install the basic plugins, and buy a domain, host your website and you are good to go. The set up process is not going to take you more than a day. Try writing a minimum of one 1000+ word article every day. If you want to give it a small boost, share your blogs on social media.

2. Get into Crypto Trading-

Cryptocurrencies are probably the only financial assets, which have withered the Coronavirus storm. Getting into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others is not as complicated and difficult as it was some years, back. If you wanted to get into the game, you had to invest a huge sum of money into crypto mining.

In the last few years, several cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms have come up, which can help you buy, sell and exchange crypto. They work exactly like stocks and shares platform. You sign up by paying a nominal fee and let the sophisticated platform software do the rest. This is a great way to increase your earnings while at home.

If you want to start crypto trading, you can visit website.

3. Social Media Manager and Copywriter-

Every brand wants to be on social media to reach out to a wider audience. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic, many brands are abandoning their big agencies and huge retainers. They are turning to freelancers who can do a reasonable job at a fraction of the price. You do not need a lot of skill to be good at social media.

All you need to do is create some great designs using one of the online design makers. Write an attractive copy and post it on the brand’s social media page. Even if you manage to get hold of a couple of brands, you will earning close to $2K every month. You do not need to be excellent. If you like social media, you will be great at this.

4. Become a Pet Handler during the Lockdown-

Millions of Americans and other populations are under lockdown. This means that millions of pets are not being able to walk, enjoy and are becoming unhealthy. What many people do not know is that walking your dog is exempt from the lockdown rules. You can easily become a dog walker or a pet handler during the lockdown.

Owners want the best for their pets. However, they are scared of walking them for fear of contracting the infection. If you are safe, follow all the preventive techniques, you do not need to fear. This will open up a decent stream of revenue for you during the lockdown.

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The lockdown should not be an excuse for you to stop exploring avenues to earn. By taking up any of the four options, you can really make your lockdown a productive one.


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