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The technology of printing something on paper or on some other platform was introduced in the year 2000. All these printers used the two-dimensional printing technology where everything was printed on a platform. The figures were defined using the two coordinates on a 2D plane with no sharp cut angle of projection.

Though the printing process is still popular in both the residential and commercial sectors, printing something with sharp cut angles and all the three dimensions is now becoming more desirable. This led to the introduction of the 3D printers, which are able to print a structure with all the three coordinates in the spatial plane.

3D Printers

Now you would think that 3D printers are only for the commercial sectors where the use of the 3D structures is more justified. However, that is not the case because 3D printers are equally important for the domestic purposes. Here are the best nine reasons as to why you should invest in a 3D printer rather than the usual 2D one!

1. It is a Money Saver Technology

Well, for starters, this money saving matter isn’t about the cost of the printer or its accessories. However, if you go deep into the utility of this technology, you will understand that buying one is quite beneficial on the monetary terms from many angles.

For example, you can print something and create an original structure without having to spend bucks in buying that from the market. Yes, you do need to have the 3D modeling software but that is also cost effective in the long run.

2. You Can Earn Some Extra from it

Earning some extra bucks from the 3D printers might be a little hectic if you aren’t aware of the quality and the clarity of the printed structures. But, if you are a pro in printing using a 3D printer, you can use the same in starting up a home business for yourself.

You can take up the online orders and have the desirable items to the destinations. In fact, you can also start up a local business, which will definitely be beneficial.

3. Educating Children is Easier

The introduction of the 3D printers has made it possible to teach the kids in a more effective and lucid manner. Now you can make them understand the complex matters easily, making sure that they are actually grasping the concept. With such added benefits, education will become more enthusiastic in the upcoming days.

4. Technology and Fun are Now in One Packet

The concept of technology and entertainment runs a long time back and 3D printer is yet another example of the same. When you have such an incredible thing in your hand, why don’t you have a little fun with the same?

You can create ouzzles for your kids, Disney fairy lands, and so many other things, which will be worth the smile of yours and your family members.

5. Buy the Filaments and you Can have your Own Item

When you want to have something on your own and feeling lazy to order the same for yourself, you can use your 3D printer to create the exact replica of the same. All you will be needing is the filament of the desired colors. For example, you want to give your friend a gift and you forgot to buy the same. 3D printers like the Creality Ender 3 can save you from your friend’s wrath by giving you the perfect gift for her.

6. Delivery Can Get Delayed But Not 3D Printing

You need something on an urgent notice and the company is delaying the delivery date- such conditions are truly irritating, isn’t it?

However, the same won’t happen when you will have your own 3D printer as you will be able to create your own desirable items as and when required. You won’t have to face any further complications due to the time delays.

7. 3D Printer is the Net Definition of Creativity

With the 3D printers, the creativity has reached a new zenith as now you can be more creative using the technology. You can create new things like some bizarre masks, new designs of your favorite objects and so on.

8. It is an Environment-Friendly Technology

The technology is believed to be environment-friendly as it will reduce the fuel usage by helping the population to have their own things at their doorstep. You won’t have to order from some distant place when you can have it on your own. Moreover, ink is not used in the printing technology, thereby saving a lot of chemical procedures which are said to generate the chemical wastes.

9. “The 3D Printer Presents to you the Future of Technology”

If the technology advances at the same pace, then soon, 3D printers will become the future and an entirely new scenario will emerge.

Buying a 3D printer might be a little costly for you but in the long run, the same printer will become a statement of investment for you.

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