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I feel honored writing this article for the people who are fashionable and always follow lifestyle blogs that are trendy. These blogs are well-known for their inventive niches followed by fashion enthusiasts.

Need to Define Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blogs and other type of blogs are poles apart. You know the blogging world is abundantly equipped with tons of different interesting niches.

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Home Décor
  • Food
  • Hobbies
  • Travel
  • Motherhood
  • Family
  • Self Care
  • Health & Fitness

The niche created in the blog represents your passion that boosts the ways to monetize your blog traffic.

Here is the list of high-end lifestyle blogs that really impart high-quality information and handy advice about the standard of life.

1. Cup of Jo

best blogs 2020

This is one of the leading lifestyle blogs listed online where you can get information related to everything from lifestyle to parenting to culture with handy tips and guidance to pursue. It’s an incredible blog to peruse in case you’re a chic or lifestyle lover.

Who runs the blog?

A cup of Jo is established by Joanna Goddard who is a full-time queen of the blogs that covers many real life topics such as:

  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Motherhood
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2. Attention Trust

best lifestyle blogs for 20 somethings

Attention Trust is an independent digital media company offering news, entertainment and informative articles to millions of people around the world.

Who runs the blog?

Attention trust is tarted by founder Ben Brake. Ben has more than 5 years of experience in Blogging and Internet Marketing.

This blog cover the following categories:

3. Camille Styles

best life blogs

If you need to discover another approach to boost your different life-related niche such as:

  • Lifestyle
  • Wardrobe
  • New recipes etc.

This blog will be an incredible source of studying articles.

Who runs the blog?

The founder of this blog is none other than Camille, a Texas-based lifestyle blogger and furthermore the writer of the smash-hit book, Camille Styles Entertaining.

If you need to improve your closet or lift your wellness level or attempt scrumptious recipes, this blog is unquestionably for you where you’ll discover a huge amount of valuable and new thoughts regarding wellness, wellbeing and lifestyle.

4. The Blonde Salad

best blogs 2020

The Blonde Salad is a renowned blog for its quality niches like lifestyle and fashion industry. This blog provides a lifestyle with a great platform.

Who runs the blog?

Chiara Ferragni, Italian fashion blogger cum businesswoman who has collaborated with high-end brands like Tod’s and Pantene through her lifestyle blog. The top fashion magazines feel honoured to cover this blog.

5. The Skinny Confidential

fashion and lifestyle blogs

As the name suggests that this blog is designed to focus on things like that:

  • Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Food

The blog is established by Lauryn who is also a well-known author, podcaster and YouTuber who offers amazing material around genuineness, lifestyle and recipes.
Who runs the blog?

Lauryn Evarts is considered as the most persuasive lifestyle blogger in the fashion and lifestyle industry and has been included in top publications like:

  • Women’s Health Magazine
  • The Huffington Post
  • SELF Magazine

This lifestyle blog provides very easy material for everybody who needs to adapt simple and quick recipes, wellness-related tips and beauty bits of advice to improve their lives.

6. Primer Magazine

best lifestyle blogs 2019

Primer Magazine offers for all men exclusively a great platform that improves their lifestyle and shows signs of improvement at everything from self-development that is achieved due to love.

Who runs the blog?

Andrew a college graduate began the blog which he later transformed into his full-time business. This is exclusively centred on MEN fashion lifestyle launched by Andrew, who himself is a leading fashion icon. If you intend to learn how to exercise better approaches to boost yourself, this magazine is very handy for you.

7. Huda Beauty

best lifestyle blogs for 30-somethings

Huda Kuttan is so appreciative for all the beauty darlings that appreciate perusing her blog, and she feels genuinely liable for all that she shares. Trustworthiness is simply the one bargain that I guaranteed she could never settle on, so every item she surveys, regardless of the brand or the sticker price, is 100% what she accepts. This is one of the primary reasons she believes that her blog has turned out to be so well-perused. Also, being combined with the ascent of social media has, without a doubt, boosted it to turn into an internationally recognized blog. She is the ardent founder of her cosmetic brand Huda Beauty.

8. SpoliaMag

SpoliaMag is a lifestyle blog that helps make your life better! It talks about many important things, like your home, your health, and even your car. The blog also has ideas and tips for travel, beauty, and art. It’s like having a friend who gives you great advice and suggestions to improve your life.

Who Runs The Blog?

Asim Farooq is the founder of this lifestyle blog. He started SpoliaMag and remained in charge for some time, but he has since moved on to pursue other business opportunities. Now, the blog is managed by a group of skilled editors under the direction of co-founders Saad and Armughan. The blog continues to provide valuable content and tips on various topics to enhance one’s lifestyle.

9. Love Taza

best lifestyle blogs australia

Love Taza is undoubtedly a distinguished blog to share odds and ends of family’s adventures. Naomi as Taza on her blog has been sharing her parenthood, child-rearing, and life in America since 2007. At earlier, the blog had been for a bunch of loved ones. The blog is exclusively launched to celebrate things such as:

  • Motherhood
  • Family
  • Travel
  • Luscious foods
  • Life’s simple joys

10. Barefoot Blonde

best lifestyle blogs uk 2020

Golden Fillerup Clark, also identified as the Barefoot Blonde, is 27 years of age. She lives in Arizona with her husband, their two little youngsters, and a golden gun dog. They all show up on her blog, along with photos of Fillerup Clark herself, who is amazingly beautiful. She would like to share beauty and wellness tips and sparkling accounts of her pleasant days, just as a line of clip-in hair extensions. These beauty products are available to be purchased on her site for generally $200 and given names that sound like nail polish colours.

11. Sincerely Jules

10 best lifestyle blogs

As indicated by Julie Sarinana, the blog is purposely run to dream, to believe, and to achieve. Dreaming big and aiming to fulfil them is my strong belief. It even enlivened me to make my very own t-shirt, offered here!

An attire store is high on her list of things of achievements yet to get; however, for the time being, you can purchase a choice of T-shirts, caps and bags on her shopping site

12. Deliciously Ella

best wordpress themes for lifestyle blogs

Deliciously Ella is an asset to assist you with living better and making vegetables lusciously. Beginning from an individual blog, we’ve developed into different things such as:

  • App
  • Deli
  • Collection of recipe books
  • Series of digital podcasts
  • A scope of plant-based food products
  • A developing social media community

All these things show our passion for what we do.

13. Wit & Delight

best healthy lifestyle blogs

The Wit and Delight blog is run purposely to share personal stories. This lifestyle blog highly facilitates its fans with fashion and home décor tips. Wit and Delight intend to advance our client’s lifestyle encounters through wonderful substance and design. In all that we do, we are focused on making a life well-spent.

14. The Blonde Abroad

best women's lifestyle blogs

San Diego from California is well-known author of esteemed travel and lifestyle blog, includes female travel tips, style, celebrations and photography from around the globe.

Final Words

There’s unquestionably no lack of lifestyle blogs on social media at this moment. There is an unlimited number of blogs out there and it’s definitely a great challenge for anybody to discover the best blogs that furnish real value with their substance.






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