First Date

Prepping for a First Date can be stressful, especially if you really like the person. Not only might you have butterflies in your stomach with anticipation, but you’ll also want to look great throughout the day/evening.

To ensure both look and feel beautiful, check out the following seven ways to make a positive impression on a first date.

Plan Your Outfit in Advance

The last thing you will want is to worry about what you’re going to wear a few hours before your date. If you want both look and feel beautiful, it’s a smart idea to plan your outfit in advance or to even go shopping to find a look that will ensure you’re brimming with confidence.

Don’t Overdress

Unless you’re attending a formal event on a first date, you should avoid overdressing. In most cases, a cute dress or a pair of skinny jeans with a blouse will suffice. You also don’t need to leave your jacket at home, as there are many stylish plus size coats that can complement your look.

Consider the Venue

It is, of course, important to consider the venue before buying a brand-new outfit. If you have organized dinner at a restaurant, a cute dress and complementary heels will ensure you take his or her breath away. However, if you’re headed to the movies or bowling, a pair of jeans, a blouse, and a leather jacket will look effortlessly chic.

Inject Some Color into Your Look

Many women are tempted to pull out a little black dress when on a first date, as it can be incredibly flattering; however, black can be boring. Prove you’re filled with personality by adding a pop of color into your outfit. If possible, wear a color you’re often complimented on, which could help you to grab your date’s attention.

Choose the Right Fit

Pick an outfit that complements your body type. For example, if you have an hour glass figure, a wrap dress might be ideal, as it will cinch at the waist to highlight your shape. If in doubt, take a seat in an outfit to check you can sit comfortably, and raise your hands in the air. If you can’t move, it probably isn’t the right fit for you.

Comfort is Key

It’s important to be comfortable during a first date. If you feel good in the clothing and shoes you’re wearing, you’ll look good, too, as confidence is attractive. So, avoid wearing high heels you can’t walk in or a dress that forces you to breathe in all night, or it could make you want to head home as soon as you’ve stepped outside your front door.

Be True to Your Personality

Your date wants to get to know you and not the version you create for him/her. That’s why you must wear a style that reflects your personality. For example, if you are heading off on a dinner date but never wear dresses, you could don a pair of black skinny jeans, a blouse and a stylish blazer instead.

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