How to Take Care of Your Skin on a Busy Schedule

Your skin is a precious gift of Nature; care it no matter how busy you are. You will feel ever-fresh.

Being too busy in daily routine never means that you should become negligent of your skin health and its care. After all, your appearance is important in making a memorable first impression. It is, therefore, very important that you take special care of your skin, particularly of your facial skin. We have worked out a few useful and easy-to-apply tips in this regard. Here we go:

Manage your stress without resorting to smoking

Tensions and stress both are part of life and must be managed closely. Stress makes our skin secrete hormones that make it oily and damage its freshness. Moreover, our body has the natural ability to fight off bacteria that causes acne. Too much tension and stress decrease this ability and we soon see acne on our face.

Some people think that they can manage or drive away their stress by smoking a lot of cigarettes in their daily routine. This is simply useless as smoking not only causes fatal lungs and heart diseases but also damages your skin a lot by producing wrinkles and making your skin look older. It also deprives your skin of oxygen and other useful nutrients, thus reducing its elasticity to a dangerous level. So it will be very wise to avoid smoking and try to manage your stress by making your nerves strong through a solid and positive way of thinking.

Eat healthy and drink plenty of water

Your balanced diet makes your skin healthy and helps you stay looking young for much longer a period. Fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and vitamins will keep your skin ever-fresh. Besides, a good intake of nuts and fish cleans out the bad oils from your skin. Water is the best regulator and transporter for your body. Through its best efficiency, it keeps your skin hydrated and keeps you from looking old. It supplies oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells and clears away toxins from there, thus removing the blemishes on your skin.

Wear sunscreen and get a facial

Too much consistent exposure to the sun causes not only wrinkles and age spots but also enhances the chances of skin cancer. So, avoiding direct sunlight by using an efficient sunscreen is advisory and quite beneficial whenever you go outside. You must also notify that you will have to reapply the sunscreen after every two hours to make it keep working on your skin.

At the same time, it is also very much necessary to detoxify, oxygenate, hydrate and purify your skin through facial treatments of the highest order. These treatments reduce puffiness of your skin and rejuvenate it through cleaning the pores and making you feel a soothing and relaxing touch long afterwards.

Regular exercise and sound full-night sleep

Taking a light or hard exercise on a regular basis is really a magnificent gift for your health and skin care. Exercise makes your blood circulate faster to ensure the fullest supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. The rich skin thus formed makes you look fresh, healthy and young. However, after the exercise, there may keep sitting on your skin sweat remnants, which may be washed away if you take shower a little after the exercise.

A sound full-night sleep on a regular basis does marvels to your body, mind and skin. These three get themselves repaired while you are enjoying a sound sleep overnight. Skin cells of your face refresh themselves in your sleeping hours and keep your face looking smart and fit the day long. You may get irritation and itching if you do not keep changing your bed sheets and pillow covers after a few days’ intervals.

Moisturize, exfoliate and try to apply minimum make-up

After washing your face gently and properly, you must apply some good quality moisturizer while your face is still damp so that your skin cells may absorb the surface moisturizer deep inside. This will keep your skin from developing dryness and resulting breakouts.
The same way, exfoliating your skin with a face scrub with round beads will definitely rub off your dead skin cells and expose the inner fresh skin on your face, preventing all the pores from getting clogged. That’s why it is always equally advisable to apply minimum make-up to your face to keep your pores open and in direct contact with oxygen, making you look extra fresh and childlike.

Always remember to remove all the make-up however you apply before going to bed because keeping it on overnight during sleep is utterly devastating to your skin health.

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