DIY Projects

Just moved into your first home and want to embrace your DIY skills or just looking to try and get some jobs done without having to hire a handyman?

Then here are the five simplest DIY projects anyone can master. They’re the perfect place to start and will help you hone your DIY skills before moving onto larger projects – the sky’s the limit!

And before you get started, arm yourself with all those essentials from places like RS Components, e.g. tape measures, drills and screws.

1. Putting Up a Shelf


We’ll often need a little extra storage around our homes and shelves are a great way to create this extra storage but without taking up any more floor space.

Head to your local hardware store to find an appropriate shelving kit. These tend to come with the full instructions you need to install the shelf safely, too!

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2. Cleaning Out the Gutters

When it rains is it like someone’s pouring a bucket of water down from your roof?
Then it might be time to clean out the gutters. All you need is a pair of gloves, a bin bag, a leaf blower (although not essential) and a taste for heights. Just make sure you safely install the ladder against your wall and enjoy the satisfaction of clean gutters within an afternoon.

3. Re-Grouting Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Over time, grouting can start to discolour and attract mould which is unsightly and really detracts from the overall look of your bathroom.

Thankfully, it’s really easy to re-grout these areas and inject new life back into these spaces (without the rigmarole of retiling or changing out the fixtures and fittings). All you’ll need to do is remove any areas of grouting that are looking shabby before re-grouting the area with a specialist mix.

4. Hanging Up a Picture

Hanging Up a Picture

This is such a simple job, especially if the hook’s already there for you to hang the picture straight onto.

However, even if it isn’t, it is incredibly easy to hang up a picture. You’ll just need to identify the type of wall you’re drilling into so you can make sure you have the right screws and other necessary items, e.g. raw plugs.

Worried about Electrocuting yourself?

Then there are specialist devices that can detect an electric current behind the wall so you can drill with confidence.

5. Decorating


Finally, if you really are a DIY aphobe or you daren’t arm yourself with a drill just yet, one of the best places to start with DIY projects is decorating. This is also one of the most rewarding DIY jobs out there, which will really fuel your sense of achievement and have you picking up that drill in next to no time!

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